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height adjustable desks

Are you sitting at a desk all day? 

Research now shows that if you can alternate between sitting and standing, problems like back pain and other musculoskeletal problems can be reduced, meaning height adjustable desks are not only stylish but also beneficial. 

Height adjustable desks can also be adjusted to fit both shorter and taller people comfortably. Note that adjusting just the chair often results in raised shoulders and arms which again can lead to upper limb disorders.

We supply height adjustable desks that can be manoeuvred by the users themselves with handle or electronic adjustments. Our height adjustment desks are available as straight or curved models and in a wide selection of colours and wood finishes.

How to choose

Budget will dictate between electronic or ratchet handle adjustment. Size will also be a consideration as most height adjustable desks are not very big. You may wish to choose a whole suite of office furniture with only one section being height adjustable, if this is the case then please call for details.