Office Tools: Career Assessment and Job Aptitude Testing

Financial and personal success is achievable by those who make the right career choices. Completing a career assessment test or quiz is one way to find out if a particular career is suitable for you. These tests and quizzes can help you determine the most rewarding and appropriate careers for you. These types of tests also enable you to identify your interests as well as strengths and weaknesses so that you have an idea of how well you will do if you were to follow a particular career path.

Career assessment and job aptitude testing evaluates your abilities, interests, talents, dislikes and values so that it can determine the jobs that are enjoyable and rewarding to you. Typically, this testing attempts to make your interests clearer, your working styles and strengths more identifiable and match your specific skills and competencies with certain fields. It also helps determine the type of jobs that people like, provide guidance for education and suggests jobs that tend to be less stressful than others. Career assessment and job aptitude testing matches your answers with a variety of careers in a database with the use of complex algorithms—the results are usually accurate. Several types of testing exist for career assessments which include interest tests, personality tests and aptitude and skills tests.

Interest Tests

Interest tests look at the values and interests of a person and guides them towards jobs that can satisfy their passion. When taking the test, you are required to answer questions in regards to your preferences in careers with no worry of being incorrect as there are no incorrect answers in these types of tests. Interest tests are beneficial because they help you find your true passions. Although this is the case, they may not be the ideal method for career assessment as they lead you to your interests and not necessarily what you are talented in.


Aptitude/Skills Tests

Aptitude and skills tests are designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and lead you towards a career that you can excel in due to your strengths. Generally, these types of tests measure verbal reasoning, perceptual ability, acuity, special activity, technical ability, numerical reasoning and language proficiency. If you follow the suggestions in the results of your test, you will excel in the field, but you may not be satisfied if it is truly not something that interests you.


Personality Tests

Personality tests are usually used as a complimentary test that goes along with the interest and aptitude tests. This complimentary test helps people determine whether their working environments and careers are in line with their personalities. After you have taken this test, you will be given a letter that represents your personality type along with a list of careers that correlated to the same letter. By pursuing a career that suits your personality, you can be sure that you will gain a great amount of satisfaction from your career.