Best Desks for two or three monitors

Getting the right desk for all that you want and need in your job is essential. In this article we will talk about finding the right desk for those whose day-to-day tasks require two or more monitors. What size desk should you look for? What is the best desks for two monitors, or for three monitors?

Using more than one monitor

Using a multiple monitor setup can help you increase your productivity. Recent studies have shown that a second monitor drastically reduces the time it takes to complete a wide variety of tasks. With two or three monitors, you can see much more at any one time, without having to change windows or toolbars as you move back and forth between tasks. These days, they are a must, for example, for web developers, designers, musicians, and editors, amongst others professions.

What desk Sizes, types and shapes do I need to look for?

When buying a desk for two monitors, consider a size between 160cm wide and 71 cms deep. This depth will provide enough space for your keyboard and mouse whilst still allowing room to write. When choosing a desk for multiple monitors you should also consider an adjustable desk. As well as the benefit of setting your at the perfect height for you, it has been proven that people work more effectively and productively using these types of desks. A standing desk is also great way to change things up during the day and keep your body moving.

Regarding desk shapes, an L-Shaped desk could give you much more space than a standard desk. To find more about right sizes and styles, you could check our articles: ‘Understanding Office Furniture Measurements’.
Which office desk style is right for me?

What is a good size desk for 3 monitors?

To comfortably house three monitors, plus accessories, you would be looking at a desk with at least 1.4 m width and a 90cms depth. A triple monitor setup is a common practice for gamers and people who work on complex tasks. With the help of a dual or triple monitor system, you can use multiple screens at once, eliminating the delays caused by frequent browser switching. Although having multiple monitors offers many benefits, such set ups can be  expensive to maintain. A triple desk monitor is made with the right material and a strong frame to support the weight and vibrations in a gamer’s case.

Our recommendations at BT Office

Pure is our modern take on affordable desking. Pure offers an extensive portfolio of unique desk top shapes, both 800mm and 600mm deep, and also has 2 tone colour options as standard, along with cost saving combination desks. The first desk below, for example, is a straight Desk 1.4m long x 60m deep.

1.4m desk with twin monitors

Pure Bench is ideal for cable trunking style power and data in Schools and Universities. Desktops can be scooped on the back edge or supplied with cable ports at no extra cost. Legs are pre drilled for screen brackets making the system work with triple tool rail screens for monitor arms. Cable ports as standard with an 80mm modesty panel opening make for simple cable routing using mounted cable trays.

120 Degree Desk

The Pure 120° segment combination desk saves vital office space when creating groups of 3 workstations due to the integrated 3 drawer pedestal.

120 degree desks

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