Office Furniture Installation for 4Com

BT Office FurnitureWe recently suppliedoffice furnitureto accommodate 180 staff at 4Com and it’s a refit that we’re incredibly proud of.

The office furniture installation for a job on this scale required all of our specialist installation team working flat out over a 5-day period!

One of the most pleasing aspects of this office furniture installation was that the Meeting Rooms had tables that were Imperial iBench’Specials’ and the Management Suite had ‘Special Radial Desks’ and ‘Special Conference Extensions’.

These items were designed by Nigel Curtis and Derek Flood from BT Office Furniture. Imperialtheoffice furniture manufacturers then proceeded to make them as ‘Specials’ and were so impressed with the designs that the Meeting Tables have subsequently appeared in their Price List!

Never shy of a challenge, Nigel & Derek can be relied upon to fit office furniture into practically any office space – even if it has to be designed from scratch and custom built.

The only major problem we encountered with this refit was provided for us by the good old British weather.

4Com were due to have their Grand Opening and relocation party on 22nd December starting at 4:00pm. The custom made Reception Counter was delayed on its journey from Italy and arrived on site on the 22nd at 10:00am. Our installers left at 2:30pm!! There’s nothing like a deadline to keep you on your toes.

Where possible, we always like to use our own installers who deliver, assemble and install on site.This helps to ensure that the office furniture installation is achieved quickly, efficiently and reducing the risk of damage to the furniture.

As illustrated by the following images we also installed their Canteen and Reception Furniture, thus creating a wonderfully relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment for 4Com’s employees.

The ‘Before & After’ gallery below clearly demonstrates the scope of work involved in a major office refit.

4Com Office Refit – Before & After

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Office Furniture Supplied by BT Office Furniture

  • Desking – Imperial iBench
  • Boardroom – Babini Studio Table and BTCH06Black Leather Cantilever Chairs
  • Meeting Rooms – Imperial iBench Tables and BTCH02Black Leather Cantilever Chairs
  • Main Chairs – BTCH03Black Leather Office Chairs
  • Office Storage – Bisley Eurotambours (White)
  • Canteen – Gresham LTD Tables, Air Jiggy Chairs, Elite BS Stools
  • Reception – Maro Reception Desk and Premier 610 Leather Sofas