Home Office Creation – The 5 Essentials

1. The Desk

Home Office ArrangementBefore you get anything else what so ever you will first need to think about a quality office desk. It doesnt have to be a really expensive desk or the largest by any stretch of the imagination, but a desk that is going to: a) fit your room, and b) fit your budget.

It is common for people who are creating their first home office to believe they need the biggest most expensive desk they can possibly find, in order to impress clients. But if you think about it you are not going to want clients in your home anyway, or if you do it wont be regularly; therefore the desk becomes less of an issue.

Depending on the size of your home office a second desk could be a good idea, somewhere in which you can make phone calls, emails and get away from the stress of your working desk with all your documents on. The most popular desk for this sort of idea would be a small round table, usually associated with a caf.

2. Chairs

Your chair can in essence be vital to how much work you get done in a day. You need to be comfortable in the chair, yet supported after all you are probably going to spend up to ten hours a day in it if your job involves lots of computer work.

Too many people have the ideas that as long as a chair has a set of wheels and a tiny bit of back support they will be fine. What they do not realise is that specialist companies spend millions of pound, and hundreds of hours researching and investing in a good office chair.

Office ergonomics are becoming more and more of an issue in larger companies, but it doesnt mean its not an issue in a home office, so do a bit of research into popular makes and models, and if you can, go and physically sit on the chair in a showroom to make sure its the one for you! View our range of ergonomic office chairs.

3. Stationery

This is a topic that people over look so often as we spend so long sending out emails, we forget about letters, invoices or quotes are often printed out as well. Things like a branded heading in letters, invoices and also business cards makes a company look established and gives the impression they are here for the long run.

4. Storage and Filing

A good filing and storage system is the unsung hero in the place of work. When working from home you are more or less the office manager, this means you need to be prepared to do your own dirty work.

Look for a smaller filling system because the traditional ones are often too bulky for a home office and take up too much room. Compact drawer systems can often hold vast amounts of paper, so it is important to test the drawer runners are going to be strong enough to hold the weight which means dont always choose the cheapest one you see!

5. Communications

Your business needs to be easily contactable so ensure you have a strong and reliable internet connection as well as a phone line. Still in this era a telephone is the most common form of contact. Yet smaller business are lead to believe that having a mobile number ensures they are available 24/7.

There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned landline; they make your business look established and more formal than a mobile number. A very popular form of contact in a lot of industries now is via email so make sure you can offer a simple and memorable email address that represents your business in fact, buy the internet domain name if possible to enhance the branding further.