April 2012 – The wettest April on record!

Potted Artificial PlantsWe’ve all seen the headlines.

So why is it that some parts of the country are still officially declared drought areas?

I’m no geologist but I think it has something to do with how quickly water soaks into the ground in particular problem areas of the country.

Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we don’t have enough reservoirs. Or that a huge percentage of our water is wasted through leaking pipes (it’s easy to blame the water companies)!

Whatever the reasons, there has never been a better time to invest in artificial plants for your home and office.

Artificial Plants

Fake Bamboo PlantPsychologically, plants are hugely important in the workplace and have scientifically proven benefits to businesses.

This might seem like a wild or outlandish claim but strategically placed office plants lower the amount of absenteeism from sickness and actually increase productivity.

Additionally, believers in the ancient chinese art of Feng Shui claim that bamboo and cactus plants can bring good fortune too! I’m not sure if I totally subscribe to this belief but I am certain that careful placing of topiary whether real or artificial will improve the ambience and general harmony of any office space.

The Benefits of Fake Topiary

Long gone are the days when fake plants were easy to spot. Artificial plants are now so realistic that you have to really inspect them closely to determine whether they are organic or inorganic.

Fake Cactus PlantsThere are obvious advantages such as low maintenance, no watering and the ability to place them in areas with poor natural light. However, there are other less obvious benefits. For instance, allergy sufferers will not be affected by being in close proximity to an artificial plant.

Additionally, food health inspectors can frown upon certain plants in food preparation or consumption areas. This is largely due to the fact that real plants are more likely to attract unwanted insects and bugs.

This has increasingly led to some companies having a fake plant only policy in order to avoid any hassle with health & safety or maintenance issues.

Fake Plant Ranges

We have a large selection of plants which include the following:

Orchids,Palms,Bamboo,Cactus,Reeds,Bird of Paradise,Lillies,Wisteria,Boungainvillea,Ferns,Peacock Plants,Chinese Evergreen,Song of India,Fig plants, fig trees andJapanese Maple.

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