Boardroom Table Size Calculator

Boardroom Table Size Calculator

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Calculating the size of  boardroom tables or conference tables is actually fairly straightforward. With a few simple measurements and this quick reference guide, you should be able to work out how many people you will be able to seat comfortably.

These are the steps:

  1. Measure the dimensions of your room.

If your room is an unusual shape or if you’re not sure how to calculate your meeting table size, we have a 2D and 3D office design and planning service

  1. Ideally, your table should have a minimum amount of clearance and this can be calculated as follows:

– If your room is under 5 metres, allow 1.2 metres clearance
– If your room is under 6.7 metres, allow 1.5 metres clearance
– If your room is above 6.7 metres, allow 1.8 metres clearance

So here’s a working example:

Your Room Length = 4.8 metres
Your Room Width = 3.6 metres

Because your room is under 5 metres, you should allow 1.2 metres clearance (see point 2 above).

So the calculation is as follows:

Table Length: 4.8 – 2.4 (2 x clearance) = 2.4 metres
Table Width: 3.6 – 2.4 (2 x clearance) – 1.2 metres

Calculate How Many People Can Fit Around The Table

Now you know the table size, you can calculate the amount of people this will seat.

Obviously this will be determined by your chair choice, but our general rule of thumb is to allow 70cm – 90cm per person. 70cm may be a little on the tight side, but should work if your space is limited and you need to seat as many as possible.

For this example we’ll use the more comfortable allowance of 90cm and a table that is 2.4m x 1.2m.

  1. Calculate the perimeter of your table.
    1. 2.4 + 2.4 + 1.2 + 1.2 = 7.2 metres
    2. Divide this number by the comfort allowance
    3. 7.2 metres / 0.90 metres = 8

    Meeting tables of this size will therefore comfortably seat 8 people,but could potentially seat 10 if you only allow 70cm between each person.

    To download this guide as a PDF file, please CLICK HERE

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