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Every office is different the space available is different, the procedures different, the products of admin work different. Efficiency is key to the operation of all offices as the less time you need to spend looking for important items, or retrieving files, or waiting for workspace, the more time you have to spend in more profitable areas of your business. Time is money after all! For an office with the luxury of space, efficiency is easy. Theres plenty of space to move around and fit people in, and to have oodles of storage to keep pesky files in their place. However, with rising rents, particularlyRead More →

We were thrilled when South West Artwork’s Laura Mulhern agreed to be interviewed byBT Office Furniture & Interiors. Her story is inspiring to all budding entrepreneurs and we are planning to work on projects together in the not too distant future. What is your background? I was born in Belfast N.Ireland but grew up in London where I studied and worked before I moved to Dorset in 2005. I came down to visit the coast one summer and never went back! Qualifications? I studied to tertiary level and graduated with BA Hons in English and Directing for Theatre. I was also awarded the UnLtd AwardRead More →

Multitasking Woman

Today’s media have an apparent obsession with the battle between the sexes. I guess it makes compulsive reading for women to discover they have a physiological, psychological or competitive advantage over their male counterparts. And the reverse is true from a male perspective. Scientific ‘revelations’ demonstrating gender difference have the power to raise or lower self-esteem, depending on your perspective. For some, it may even help create a psychological barrier to combat provocative sexism. Men Can’t Multitask You’ve heard it said many times before, men can’t multi-task, women can’t read maps, it’s a boy thing, it’s a girl thing etc. etc. Clearly huge generalisations. AsRead More →

outdoor table & armchairs

BT Office Furniture Add PROTOCOL Ranges Introducing our new outdoor furniture section stunning feature furniture suitable for all office environments Leading UK supplier BT Office Furniture & Interiors are thrilled to announce the incorporation of a new section on our website dedicated to furniture suitable for interior and exterior use. PROTOCOL Protocol is a UK based company who supply commercial, contract and leisure furniture manufactured throughout the UK and Europe. Their ranges have been used on cruise liners, restaurants, hotels, bars, bistros, hospitals and airports to name but a few. The products are manufactured to the highest specifications and quality and the designs are exceptionallyRead More →

Rectangular Acoustic Pod

Free Standing Office Pods “create an acoustic room within a room in your office” Leading UK supplier BT Office Furnitureare pleased to announce the arrival of their fabulous new range of free standing acoustic office pods. This type of modular system is becoming increasingly popular in the modern day office environment. They are easy to assemble, expandable and allow varying degrees of visual and acoustic privacy. The pods come in a range of different sizes and shapes as outlined below. Round End Rooms These allow you to create different spaces including half round pods, circular pods, half round/half square rooms, lozenge shaped rooms, and presentationRead More →

Man Eating Cheeseburger

Most of us have ‘Al Desko’ dined at one point or another in our working lives and many do it regularly. Read on to discover if you too are an ‘al desko’ diner… Definition: ‘Al Desko Diner’ A person who eats their meals while sitting at an office desk. The Facts A large proportion of the modern day workforce now consider themselves so busy that they forego their lunch hour. Instead, either through choice or necessity they keep on top of their workload by eating in between key strokes and phone calls. Even more worrying for workers is that huge numbers reportedly eat up toRead More →

Back complaints and other musculoskeletal disorders are the second most common cause of long-term absenteeism in the UK after stress-related illness. It has been estimated that more than 7.5 million work days were lost in the UK from 2010-2011 because of back pain blamed on the workplace. The most common cause of bad backs at work are poor posture, sitting for extended periods in the same position and not taking enough regular breaks. In general, back pain caused by an uncomfortable office chair or sitting incorrectly can be remedied in just a few days. Even more extreme back pain can usually be cured in aRead More →

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London Office Furniture Suppliers Although our showroom is located on the south coast, we make regular weekly trips to London. In fact, we are one of the UK’s largest office furniture suppliersto the London area. Some of our previous London clients include Selfridges, Gant, Stringfellows, MC Partners, Data Centre Dynamics and Truth. In addition, we have also supplied various schools, colleges, libraries and businesses of all types and sizes. Our service includes FREE delivery, assembly & installation by our own team of professionally trained installers. We also use our own fleet of vehicles where possible which helps to ensure that your furniture is handles carefullyRead More →

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Some of our existing clients may have noticed that we recently added the following button to our website: Contact us for more information We now have the ability to create electronic office furniture catalogues for our different product ranges. Here is an example of one we created which was specifically requested by a customer – office chairs under 150 (click on the image): Because our website contains so many products, we felt that it would be a better approach to personalise brochures and tailor them to each customer’s particular needs. Although this can be quite time consuming, it helps us to narrow down products weRead More →

Ego Executive Office Desk

It’s amazing how well chosen adjectives can enhance the perception of certain products or services. Restaurants do it all the time to make their menus appear more mouthwatering: Have you ever seen something like the following appear on a menu? Local beer battered cod and hand cut chips …that’s Fish & Chips to us ordinary folk! Another example I saw on a breakfast menu recently was egg described as ‘folded’. Let’s face it, this is essentially just ‘scrambled’ egg isn’t it? – I can imagine the gourmands among you blustering with disagreement at this statement! You understand what I mean though right? Sales can actuallyRead More →