Boardroom Table Size Calculator

Boardroom Table Size Calculator Calculating the size of boardroom tables or conference tables is actually fairly straightforward. With a few simple measurements and this quick reference guide, you should be able to work out how many people you will be able to seat comfortably. These are the steps: 1. Measure the dimensions of your room. If your room is an unusual shape or if you’re not sure how to calculate your meeting table size, we have a 2D and 3D office design and planning service 2. Ideally, your table should have a minimum amount of clearance and this can be calculated as follows: – IfRead More →

Orangebox DO Task Chair

DO More From Less BT Office furniture are thrilled to announce the arrival of what in our opinion is one of the best task chairs we’ve seen to date. South Wales office seating manufacturer Orangebox have created ergonomic and stylish chairs which is also kinder on the environment than most other office chairs. By combining their expertise, creative spirit and focus on fewer ‘manufacturing miles’ (carbon footprint), they have successfully created a stunning addition to their range. The end result is a product that is lightweight, durable and tremendously eyecatching. Eco-Friendly, Ergonomic Design Orangebox clearly take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously. This is oftenRead More →

School Chairs for Children

Furniture For Education With education high on the agenda for the government and politicians, it’s important for educational organisations to provide high quality, affordable furniture for their students. This of course needs to fall within budget remits which are being increasingly squeezed in these turbulent economic times. It’s for this reason that we’ve carefully selected an affordable range of furniture for education suitable for schools, colleges and universities. Our aim is to satisfy your desire to provide comfort, flexibility and practicality for your students while keeping within allocated budgetary constraints. Multi-functional Chair / Table If you’re looking for some really ‘smart’ school furniture, the chairsRead More →

G Spot Computer Mouse

The average office worker will spend around 2000 hours per year in the office. That’s a lot of time pushing paper and so naturally we all look for ways to make our office environments and working days more fun and enjoyable. Here are 10 must have gadgets to spice up any office – if you can get away with it… #1 G Spot Mouse Designed by Andy Kurovets It has been said that most men will not be able to successfully find the scroll wheel! Come on fellas…get some practice in. #2 Carpet Skates These fit right over your shoes and will have you finding anyRead More →

GGI Bahia Chair

General Advice & Guidelines It’s surprising how often we’re asked if we can recommend a comfortable office chair. Although it seems like a completely fair question, in reality choosing the right chair is entirely subjective. An elderly gentleman visited our showroom recently and explained that he had recently slipped a disc in his back. Naturally, our first recommendation was an ergonomic office chair, in particular an Ergohuman Mesh Chair. Strangely, he didn’t find it particularly comfortable because of his back problems. In the end, he bought a cheap, hard-backed GGI Bahia polypropylene chair (pictured) with a hard, curved back. This chair actually comes from ourRead More →

Imperial Sirius D End Boardroom Table

So youve got a beautiful office. Youve kitted it out with all the latest furniture, youve got smart chairs, super tables, state-of-the-art computers, water coolers and printers. Youve also got a beautifully-clean office floor But have you thought about the damage that these things can do? Probably not. Your employees will be in your office for a good 8 hours a day. Over time your floor can get damaged through general wear and tear. People will spill things accidentally, theyll traipse mud across your carpets. Chairs will be rolled about, tables will be moved, printers will need replacing with ink With that in mind, ourRead More →

BT Office Furniture & Interiors Website Thumbnail

We’ve moved! …well – virtually moved. Just a very quick post to let you know that we have successfully migrated our site to a new domain: We have a huge new range of products and more office furniture being added to our online catalogue daily. Please visit us at …and don’t forget to ‘Like’ / +1 the page!Read More →

Women chatting at a table

The modern workspace has revolutionized the traditional office environment. Now, employees expect to have a place to relax, talk with coworkers, and get away from the daily cubicle duties. And, the break room a highly underrated room of the office is one of the most important aspects of this modern office. Happy employees are productive employees. And when it comes to your employees, little things can make a big difference. Creating an employee break room is a small perk that can help refresh minds, build friendships, and boost your bottom line. Whether youre starting fresh, need a complete overhaul of the existing space, orRead More →

Eco Friendly Office Environment

Eco-friendly is a term we are seeing more and more around the home, but what can we do to make our offices friendlier for the environment? Regardless of it being a home office or a larger office at work, we can all look for energy saving ideas and techniques to make us more eco-friendly. In this article I intend to give you 3 cost effective and eco-friendly tips you can use in your office, to help save money. Turning that off switch off In and around your office there will be many electrical components, some that are used for most of the day, for exampleRead More →

Messy Office Desk

Office Desk Psychology Are you struggling to move up the career ladder at work? Have you been passed over for promotion more times than you care to remember? The answer may lie right in front of you on your desk. Studies have shown that it’s possible to determine personality characteristics and habits from the state of a person’s office desk. In particular, behavioural psychologist Donna Dawson has identified 6 distinct types of personality that can be identified by their desk spaces. 1. Hyper Organised Desk This type of desk most commonly belongs to Personal Assistants, Secretaries or Sales Executives. Generally there will be nothing onRead More →