Office Chairs for Bad Backs – Which Chair is Right for you?

Office Chairs for Bad Backs – Which Chair is Right for you?

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If you work in an office environment or youve created an office space at home, its important to find the best office chair for you. This is especially true if you sit at your desk for long periods and/or suffer from a bad back or neck.

Using an office chair that doesnt support you in the right way can have a huge impact on your productivity, health and wellbeing. The good news is that there are plenty of ergonomic chairs available, designed to enhance your posture, support your back and optimise comfort, whether youre working at home or in the office.

Finding the right ergonomic office chair will help to reduce back pain, provide the optimal seating position, and give you the support mechanisms you need to work in comfort.

In fact, it has been estimated that every year in the UK, approximately 10 million workdays are because of back pain, with the most common causes of bad backs at work being poor posture, sitting in the same position for extended periods, and not taking regular breaks.

Typically, back pain caused by an uncomfortable office chair or sitting incorrectly can be rectified in just a few days. Even more extreme cases of back pain can be cured in a few weeks if you improve your posture, invest in a suitable ergonomic chair and take frequent breaks away from your desk.

When it comes to finding the perfect office chair, its important to shop around and do your research. Youll quickly discover that there are lots of different chairs, with different features and price points, so its a good idea to have a budget in mind before you start your search.

Treating back problems

Contrary to widely held opinion, one of the best ways to treat a bad back is to keep active and invest in the right supportive office chair, so that your posture is correct and it doesnt make your pain worse.

Back stretches and exercises can also help, along with activities such as walking, swimming and yoga. Some people find that hot and cold packs can offer relief from the pain caused by a bad back.

Finally, you should try to relax as much as possible and always try and adopt a positive mindset, even if its challenging.

If you decide to take time off work because of a back problem and spend a lot of time laying down, you could potentially make your back muscles even weaker, which will exacerbate the problem in the long term. So, keep moving and keep active if youre physically able to.

Correct posture

Poor posture while sitting at your desk will almost certainly cause back problems in the long term. Why? Your body isnt designed to remain in one position all day long, so its important to move about as much as possible.

When you are sat at your desk, make sure you sit up straight in your chair, ensure your lower back is properly supported and, if necessary, add a neck rest to your chair. You may also need to make some adjustments to your office chair to achieve the maximum level of support and comfort.

All employers have a duty to ensure that their workforce is as safe as possible from risk and harm. Therefore, it youre unsure how to reduce the chances of back pain occurring or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), ask for a workplace assessment to be conducted.

There are a number of factors that can affect your sitting posture, including:

  • The positioning of your computer screen
  • Your desk layout and equipment
  • Your computer mouse positioning and placement
  • Your keyboard positioning and placement
  • The height of your office chair, particularly in relation to your desk and computer monitor
  • Office chair adjustment

As a bare minimum, your ergonomic office chair should have the following adjustable features:

  • Seat height
  • Back rest (both height and tilt)
  • The back rest should ideally adjust independently of the chair seat to ensure maximum comfort
  • Make the necessary adjustments so that your thighs are at right angles to your body or sloping slightly downwards.

Additionally, your feet should be firmly planted on the floor. If you find that your legs do not allow this, a footrest should be used. This will help prevent your circulation becoming restricted and protect your back from possible injury.

Ergonomic office chairs Our top picks

Java 200

Although this is a budget ergonomic chair, it certainly does the job in terms of providing optimum comfort and support.

Featuring a posture curved seat with a waterfall front, an under-seat skirt, sculptured lumbar and spine support, gas height adjustment, back tilt adjustment, back height adjustment and a black nylon base fitted with twin wheel hooded castors, the Java 200 is available in red, green, blue and black.

Complete with a five-year guarantee, this chair is sure to be a welcome addition to any office space.

Mentor Mesh Task Chair

Featuring a height adjustable ratcher back, a black or white nylon stiletto base, a height adjustable armrest and an integral seat slide, the Mentor Mesh Task Chair boasts all the components needed to work in comfort.

Stylish, functional and equipped for almost any home or office environment, this office chair is a great option if youre looking for ergonomic functionality, especially if you suffer with back pain.

Available in lots of different colours, this chair comes complete with a five-year guarantee.


With gas lift height adjustment, a non-synchronous mechanism with side tension adjustment, a height adjustable back rest, independent back angle adjustment and a seat slide, this chair isnt the most affordable office chair, but its certainly worth its price tag!

Incredibly comfortable, flexible and functional, this Flo office chair not only provides an outstanding amount of support, but it also looks the part too.

And, to ensure that your office chair fits right into your home office or office workspace, there are lots of different colours to choose from, including Calypso, Souba and Lobster.

Here at BT Office Furniture & Interiors, we supply and install office furniture throughout most of the UK. With almost 50 years experience, our team of professionally trained installers have an extensive product knowledge when it comes to finding the best office chair for bad backs.

If you require further information about any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Staffroom updates to increase staff morale

Staffroom updates to increase staff morale

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Creating a comfy staff room that your employees can use to get away from their desks at lunchtimes can increase productivity. A recent study has proven overwork leads to job burnout and decreased productivity. It found working 55+ hours a week isnt overachieving, its just plain unhealthy. A 2015 research paper suggests that employees working a 55-hour week face a 33% increased risk of stroke than those working a 35 to 40-hour week.Taking regular breaks and time management at work is vital for your employees and therefore your business as a result.

One very helpful way to help your employees take a proper break in the middle of the day is to make sure staffrooms are great places to eat, socialise, read a book, and relax. We put together 5 key factors to making your staffroom more inviting places to spend time.

(And make sure your staffroom remains a staffroom and not an extra meeting room!)

1. New lighting

Never underestimate lighting in any space. Having somewhere that can be bright and airy, or comfy and enclosed is great for all employees to relax in their lunch break. Opt for soft lighting like floor lamps over harsh overhead lighting. And bounce the natural light around the room with mirrors.

Comfortable lighting

2. Comfy cushions

A few cushions help give the room personality and make the sofa more comfy and inviting. Switch them up every so often to make the space interesting for staff.

Cushions on a meeting room seat

3. Indoor plants

Indoor plants are proven to not only help concentration, focus, and relax anxious minds, but it also helps increase air quality indoors too. A NASA study in 1989 discovered indoor plants can help clean the air of toxins formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene. Introduce a few choice indoor plants of different sizes around the room.

Selection of indoor plants on a table

4. Introduce mindful activities like colouring in and puzzles

Print off a few colouring in mindfulness activities online and a few packs of pencils. Its hard to stop colouring when you start, and will help encourage employees to stay in the staffroom a little longer than a few minutes.

A pack of coloured pancils point to point

5. Start a mini-library

With the addition of a bookcase, introduce an office book club to get the company reading in their breaks. Just place some secondhand books in the case and encourage staff to return them once theyve read them for someone else to enjoy too.

Lending library shelving

6. Update sofas and chairs

Sofas can become stained and tired quickly, and therefore uninviting. Update your sofa in a colour and material thats easy to keep clean. Opt for a dark, neutral colour thats easy to update with new cushions and colour scheme, and has enough room to seat enough people.

Lyric modular sofa in a modern office

7. Encourage staff to leave free food in the staff room instead

Everyone loves to bring in free food in an office. Instead of leaving it on someones desk, encourage staff to put it on the staffroom dining table with something to cover the food up when left unattended. Itll encourage staff to socialise with each other and spend more time in the staffroom, especially if the chairs are close to the food.

A colourful spread of food on an office dining table

8. Add abstract prints and pictures on the wall

Brighten up any staffroom with the addition of colourful and relaxing prints. Optionally, you can include some pictures with your companys ethos and mantras. Hang them up in a gallery formation to make the room feel homlier.

Photos and artwork on a wall

9. Add a stylish coffee table

Coffee tables further encourage staff to sit at them. Having somewhere to sit and read magazines, books, and drink coffee and have lunch are much more inviting. Opt for something thats hard-wearing and easy to clean to make sure your staff want to come back again and again to sit and relax.

The Gresham Adore coffee table

10. Add a staff noticeboard

From information about the latest triumphs of the company football team to a shout out board where staff can praise each other, make sure noticeboards are about fun and not about work.

A staff notice board in the staffroom

If you need help making your staffroom more enticing and restful for you and your employees, call our office space planning team and speak to us about your ideas.

Office Space Planning Tips for Estate Agents

Office Space Planning Tips for Estate Agents

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Visiting an estate agents’ office is still something many people do now, even throughout the emergence of online agents. Buyers, sellers, letters and renters alike still need to speak to agents and advisors face-to-face. Therefore, making sure your office properly portrays your brand and mood is ever-important. Plus making sure your employees are able to remain focused and happy will increase productivity as a result.

You don’t always need a complete refit to improve the function and feel of your office. So we put together 10 quick things you can change in your estate agents office that are not only immediate, but are also much more cost-effective than a complete office refit.

1. Add a new feature wall colour and signage at the back of the office

The chances are that you already have branding and a colour scheme already. Experiment with a focus wall at the back of the office in view of the shop front. What colours look best behind your signage? Order some tester pots, paint some boards and print and cutout your logo, trialing out colours. Adding a feature wall is a really quick way to draw attention to your office and is often the first thing your clients will see.

Freshly painted feature wall

2. Create an inviting feel with a new welcoming reception desk

First impressions are extremely important, and when you’re about to undertake the most expensive purchase of your life, they are even more important. Calm nerves with a welcoming reception desk. Opt for a wood effect to make the office feel homely and inviting.

Friendly cosy reception area

3. Make clients feel relaxed with comfy reception furniture

Think “make yourself at home”. A trip to an estate agents can feel overwhelming and stressful for even the most seasoned house buyer. Make them feel comfortable while they wait with stylish sofas, chairs and coffee tables. Add a sofa, and perhaps a few statement chairs to sit on. What better way to relax a seller’s nerves with a stylish rocking armchair.

Comfortable Hygge rocking chair

4. Brighten up the back of the office with new lighting

Sometimes it takes a few carefully places lighting options to completely change the look and feel of a room, and an estate agent’s office is no exception. By introducing different lighting options, it’s easy to soften up the mood of a room and inject your brand’s persona. Adding stylish desk lamps onto estate agent’s tables are another great way to create a homely feel and help your staff feel more at home too.

Stylish feature lighting

5. Update agents’ desks with new stylish ones

Choose executive desks for your agents to sit and talk to clients with. Not only do they look stylish from all angles, but they also need to be big enough for the agent to work from and for clients to sit at to discuss important paperwork and agreements.

X10 Executive desk

6. Update office chairs to new stylish ones

It’s really important to make sure your agents are sitting at chairs designed for sitting in for long periods. Whilst style might not be at the forefront of an ergonomic desk chair, they do in fact come in lots of different styles and colourways. Making sure your staff are not causing lasting back injuries to themselves whilst sitting for long periods of time is extremely important.

Mentor stylish mesh office chair

7. Add a stylish tea/coffee point

Customers who feel welcome are more likely to come back. Make them feel at home during long negotiations with a tea and coffee point. Simply a pod or instant bean-to-cup machine in the corner of the office for clients to either help themselves or for agents to offer will save time and make a great first impression. A nice set-up on a small stylish coffee table will not only look nice, but give the office a hint of a relaxed, modern caf feel.

A sign with coffee and tea options

8. Make things homely with indoor planting

Indoor planting has been proven to reduce stress levels by playing on a phenomenom called biophilia. Adding large and small indoor plants will not only help clientel feel at home and relaxed in your office, but also your employees too.

Plants on estate agent's desk

9. Add local map murals to a wall

Add a mural on a wall of the local area you operate in. Not only is it useful for agents to point out locations of properties, but also increases the feeling from clientele your agency is a truly local and has expertise in the area. Experiment with different colourways to match your branding and get it printed onto wallpaper.

Printed wallpaper

10. Add an informal bar area

If you have clients drop by quickly to drop off or pick up paperwork, a bar area is the perfect place to encourage clients to drop by for a chat or sign important paperwork. Making clients feel at ease when doing these things is really important and sometimes sitting at the other side of a desk can feel intimidating for some. A bar area is a great option too for providing different levels or line of sight and is a style statement too.

High cohesion table

Sometimes an office refresh requires a bit more thought and planning. Have a chat with our office space planning team here if you need expert advice on the different options available to you.

Refresh your salon or spa

Refresh your salon or spa

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With all the treatments and footfall your salon gets, often furniture and decorating can get tired and worn pretty easily. Whilst your first port of call may be to consider a complete new fit-out, sometimes a few quick and cost-effective updates to your salon could not only save you time but also cash.

Using our expertise in commercial office space planning, we have put together our top 10 quick and cost effective updates to revive any salon or spa.

1. Update your reception desk

Making a welcoming entrance is a large part of making sure your clients feel comfortable at your salon or spa. With all the clients who use your reception desk every day, these can often get tired, scratched and scuffed quickly. A new reception desk can make a big difference to your entrance. Opt for a new desk that can be cleaned easily and is difficult to scuff the bottom with steel trims.

Foro Reception Desk blue background

2. Change reception furniture

Make sure your clients are comfortable as they wait with new waiting area furniture. Theres nothing worse than welcoming your clients into your salon or spa and having to sit on stained, dirty sofas and chairs. Choose a sofa and chair set that are wipe-clean and hide marks like black leather.

Modular reception seating in a salon

3. A good deep clean

Do not underestimate the impact of a good deep clean. Go through each area of your salon or spa with your team and clean left to right, top to bottom. Pay extra attention to the tops of mirrors, stubborn wall marks, lightshades, hidden corners and ceiling dust and cobwebs. A regular deep clean should be undertaken regularly, but even then some areas can get missed off.

Deep cleaning equipment

4. Add a quick lick of paint

A quick touch up of scuffed and scraped walls or a brand new feature wall can make a huge difference. Choose light and airy colours for a bright, open feel or dark colours to close in the space. Make sure you use tester pots first to check and compare colours against different walls.

Freshly painted office wall

5. Update salon chairs for staff

Keeping salon and spa chairs well looked after is already part of your daily maintenance, but what about chairs your staff use to cut hair and perform treatments? These often get kicked around and pulled about, which means they often get worn much more easily. Plus making sure your staff arent damaging their backs is extremely important and could save lost productivity from sickness. Draftsmans chairs are perfect for this type of work and they come in lots of different colours, shapes and styles.

MIT draughtsman chair ready for spa setting

6. Check lightbulbs and lighting

Sometimes a lightbulb thats out can go unnoticed for a while. Check each of your lights to make sure they work and replace any that arent. And while youre at it, give the fixtired and shades a good clean.

Lighting fixture

7. Add floor lamps to brighten up dark corners

Every room has a dark corner. The addition of a floor lamp is a quick and easy way to brighten up any space and make it brighter, plus adding personality and setting the mood for the room. And if you have a spa, consider a lamp that you can dim too.

Designer floor lamp in a salon

8. Re-consider storage solutions

Technologies, products and treatments have probably changed since you last looked at your storage solutions. You may now have more equipment to store, different products to display and more paperwork to file. List all the things that need a home and look for new customisable cabinets and shelving.

Frem Novus roomdivider storage unit

9. Add a coffee station

A smart cabinet with a coffee machine and stylish jars containing tea and coffee can give your spa or salon a relaxed caf vibe. Position near the reception area and offer to your clients as they come in for their appointments.

Coffee on salon reception desk

10. Finishing touches

And finally, consider the smaller details. These things can sometimes make all the difference. Make a new spotify playlist to play in your reception, update and switch around the magazines on the reception coffee table, add prints and artwork and a diffuser with essential oils to relax and calm your guests as soon as they come in.

Finishing touches

Sometimes, having a bit of extra help with your salon or spa space really makes the difference. For help giving your salon or spa a refresh, give our experts a call.

Small office furniture guide

Small office furniture guide

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With almost 90% of UK enterprises having less than 10 employees, it should be easy to find office furniture solutions tailor made for the small office. Even so, with limitations on space and budget it is important that you get it right and end up with an office that provides all you need for working areas and office storage solutions.

Furnishing a small office is all about finding smart solutions and keeping it simple.

1. Choose light-coloured matching furniture

One idea is to choose a furniture range that offers computer desks and office storage cabinets in the same style and material. With a modular computer desk you can add on desk storage and side tables to create a workstation that suits your specific needs.

Prestige matching office furniture

2. Smart furniture positioning

Office storage should be positioned against or on a wall to maximise available floor space. Choose storage (filing cabinets and bookcases) that can be fitted with doors to make a tidy impression and keep items free from dust.

Smart looking office storage with doors

3. De-clutter and re-organise

Regularly clear and sort through office clutter like boxes, papers, and stationary. Make sure everything has a place to go once its finished with, and anything that needs to be sorted. Cable tidies are a great way to neatly and safely store away loose cables and avoid slips and trips.

Desk cable tidy holding USB cable

4. Floor-to-ceiling wall storage solutions

The key to making small office spaces work is making sure there are enough storage solutions that dont cramp the space. Utilise the entire wall space with wall storage options. Create plenty of space to neatly stash away clutter and paperwork and still make the space feel more open.

Wall to ceiling office storage unit

5. Use curtains to divide up the space when needed

If you need to divide up the space from time to time, consider folding screens or curtains. Buzzi Bracks are perfect for dividing up small office spaces without compromising the size of the space.

Buzzi Brack office pod

6. Use lighting to make the space feel bigger

Instead of ceiling lights, opt for desk or floor lamps to draw the eye around the room. Theyre also better for helping staff to see to do their work. Desk lamps can be positioned wherever needed and can help with avoiding eye strain.

Lighting being used to make office space bigger

7. Choose desks with exposed legs

Furniture with exposed legs are key to making any space feel bigger and offices are no different. Make the space feel even airier with glass desks. Furniture that closes off floor space can make the room feel smaller and more cluttered. Encourage employees to hang their bags and coats up on hooks instead of under their desks.

Glass top office desk with exposed legs

8. Use mirrors

Strategically place mirrors near windows to reflect more natural light around the room. Paired with lighter window coverings like blinds, they can really bounce around light around the darkest and smallest rooms.

Mirror reflecting natural light

9. Consider folding meeting tables

If you have a small office space, chances are you also have a small meeting space too. Folding meeting tables are perfect for smaller meeting rooms and offices because they can be stored away after use flat against the wall. Theyre also perfect for hot desks too as they can be easily moved around.

Eureka modular folding office table

10. Implement a clear desk rule

Make sure employees clear their desks at the end of the day. This will not only help keep the office tidy at the end of the day, but itll also mean than valuable laptops, paperwork and devices are securely stored away in the event of an overnight break in.

White with chrome legs las imeet meeting table

Need more help with making the most of your small office space? Give our office space planning team a call today.