The BBC has never been synonymous with outstanding interior design, yet this week they have unveiled the new look BBC North buildings which has surprised many by steering away from the traditional corporate image. The most surprising decision by the team of designers was to abandon the idea of permanent desks and encourage workers to move around the building and interact with different areas.

The new television headquarters can be found in Salford’s media district and features arrival zones at the entrance to each section. These zones are designed to not only provide a more welcoming reception area but to also stop people losing their way, something that apparently has long been a complaint at BBC London. Also included are thought wheels, two chairs which meet over head in a semi-circle and designed to create a space where two people can talk to each other.

The three new buildings also make use of collaboration pods in a bid to adapt to the modern way of working. The designers took the decision to not assign anyone a desk, but to provide each employee with the opportunity to personalise their own space by creating areas with desks, collage walls and lockers that allow people to set up in whatever area they choose.

Opening BBC North has cost a staggering 189m overall and 40.8m of that was spent on the design and furniture for the new buildings.

Images displayed are courtesy of BBC North.