With the fun of Christmas and New Year passing like a bad hangover and nothing but dark mornings and rubbish weather to look forward to, January can be a depressing month. So we have decided to brighten up your miserable faces with a list of the best office pranks you can terrorise your co-workers with. Whether you have a little or a lot of time on your hands, we have something for everyone.

5 Minute Pranks

1) Next time your colleague nips out for a meeting, glue all the lids on their pens. Simple and effective. For added fun, glue the lid on one of your pens, so when they ask to borrow one offer them that one.

2) The classic drawer swap, fast and effective. Simply swap your co-workers drawers round (or at least the contents of), repeatedly do this and watch your victim go slowly mad.

3) If your phone system allows conference calling, and you can dial pretty quickly, try calling two people’s extensions then quickly pressing conference, then leave them to argue over who called who.

4) A simple prank that can be done in a split second – just stick a small amount of sticky tape over the bottom of your victim’s computer mouse. Watch then complain and shout as they tragically trawl all their wires to see if the mouse is unplugged.

Lunch Hour Pranks

1) Try photographing everything on your victim’s desk, then place the photos where the item used to be and replace their screensaver with a ransom note. For added hilarity, put all their ‘kidnapped’ stuff on the roof.

2) The classic ‘wrap their desk in wrapping paper / foil / cling film etc’ prank. Only suitable for those with a lot time on their hands but always guaranteed a snigger.

3) This is for those who have far too much spare time and clearly aren’t doing any work – take an old computer mouse, keyboard or phone and set it in jelly, then replace your co-workers mouse, keyboard or phone with the jelly encased one. This does require minor cookery skills and a steady hand!

4) If you have a message for your co-worker but can’t face saying it to their face, spend a few moments re arranging all their keys on their keyboard in to your own personal note.