Call Centre Furniture Solutions

Call Centre FurnitureCall centres have become increasingly popular in recent years, due in part to the centralisation of customer support as well as the need to keep business overheads as low as possible.

Additionally, companies that turn over a high volume of sales often need to employ numerous staff in order to process orders quickly and efficiently and deal with customer queries and complaints.

Although on the whole call centres are not very popular with the general public, it would seem that for the time being at least they are here to stay.

They have now become very much a part of our daily lives and although we often dread calling them, customer experiences using call centres have improved over the years as technology has advanced and customer service techniques are honed and streamlined – Please feel free to leave comments and debate this point if you wish!

In the past, call centres were clinical and dull and uncomfortable places to work, but with a huge range of call centre furniture available and numerous different configuration options, there is no reason (or excuse) for choosing drab furniture and uncomfortable chairs. With a little careful thought, it is possible to create a vibrant and enjoyable working environment for your call centre staff.

From an employee perspective it can be a very tough and demanding job mentally. Physically, it often involves many hours seated in a computer chair.

For this reason it is essential that you choose comfortable and aesthetically pleasing call centre furniture in order to create a happy and productive working environment. Especially important are your choice of call centre chairs or computer chairs as they are sometimes referred to.

The ambience of your call centre is important because your staff will often be dealing with customer complaints, which can be physically and mentally demanding. You need to ensure that your call centre is conducive to arelaxed and calming working environment. This can be extremely beneficial and no doubt actually contributes to more sales, better support, and happier customers.

So what factors should you consider when
choosing your call centre furniture?

Privacy And Soundproofing

Call Centre DesksThe days of call centre cubicles are long gone and nowadays there are many different options for dividing screens. It is possible to combine style with soundproofing and privacy. You will want you dividing screens to allow your staff to be able to independently hear their calls.

Effective Communication

In addition to privacy and soundproofing, you may want to allow your staff to be able to communicate with each other. This means that you will need to consider the height and positioning of your dividing screens.

Team Spirit and Morale

Again, you will need to consider the positioning of your desks. Rather than have your staff in individual cubicles which can feel quite insular, you may want to consider a setup like the one shown in the image below. This particular call centre seats six people and contains dividing screens which allow a certain of privacy but also allow your staff to talk to each other.

Desk Configuration

These days, call centre furnitureis highly configurable. You can combine different desk shapes and designs, including straight and curved to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable space for your staff. Our call centre desks can accomodate 2-8 people and we can help you to create your perfect combination.Additionally, some of the pods can be reconfigured to take any number of users.

Computer Chairs

The importance of comfortable and stylish computer chairshardly needs any elaboration. Your call centre staff will no doubt be spending extended periods sitting at their desk so it is essential that the chairs you provide are ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of injury or complaints.

Storage And Pedestal Units

You may wish to provide storage for each of your units so that your staff can keep paperwork and files. For instance, our white bench deskshave a complimentary range of storage units.

Power and Data Solutions

Some of our call centre desks have integrated cable management, CPU holders and the capability to hold flat screen monitors.

Fabric, Colour and Style

You will probably want to ensure that your computer chairs match your call centre desks. Both our chairs and desks have different options for finishes and colours which are available to view on our website.


Finally, you will undoubtedly have a budget in mind for your new call centre furniture. We have ranges to suit all budgets and our computer chairs start from just 39.

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information or for help designing your perfect configuration.