Choosing the right call centre furniture will help you create an attractive, flexible and safe office environment. The chosen office desks and chairs should meet high demands for ergonomic flexibility as staff spend most of their working hours sitting down and workstations may be shared between several people on different shifts throughout the day and week.

The office solution for the call centre is usually made up of desks, computer chairs and screens. A pre-configured desk, for 2-8 people, provides a cost-effective solution that has become a popular choice with call centres, libraries and schools.

Desks for call centres

With pre-configured office desks it is possible to create a smart solution that meets your requirements for style, size and design and at the same time keeps the costs down. A pre-configured desk is usually made up of a bench desk system, available in multiple shapes and divided into several workstations. They should have cable access ports, under-desk CPU holders and monitor shelves or a system for hanging monitors. With added drawers and shelves you can create a desk solution that meets your specific needs.

The size and style of the pre-configured desk will be determined by the type of business, the space available and number of staff but it is wise to allow for extra spaces should the office expand or take in extra staff for busy times during the year.

Chairs for call centres
Call centre employees spend most of their days on the telephone and sitting still on their chairs. This can be strenuous work that calls for a quality chair with advanced ergonomic features. Most importantly, when sitting for a long time the lower part of the spine needs to be supported with a good lumbar support feature.

All members of staff should get a comprehensive introduction to their chair and work environment as this will make sure that they know how to use their chair correctly thus minimising stress and injuries amongst your workforce. For more information we recommend this article: Ergonomic Suggestions and Restraints for Office Chairs.

Screens for call centres
Desk screens provide privacy between the workstations but also allow for important team interactions. By using moveable floor screens you can create flexible “rooms” in an open plan area. Screens can be linked together to required size and if fitted with casters they can easily be moved to other parts of the office as needed.

Desk and floor screens are available in many colours and materials such as; fabric, steel, acrylic, aluminium and clear or frosted glass. For a simple yet contemporary design, screens can be colour co-ordinated with your computer chairs.

In conclusion shared office desk units and mounted screens are an economical and stylish solution that saves valuable office space.