BT Office Furniture

Office Furniture Installation for 4Com We recently suppliedoffice furnitureto accommodate 180 staff at 4Com and it’s a refit that we’re incredibly proud of. The office furniture installation for a job on this scale required all of our specialist installation team working flat out over a 5-day period! One of the most pleasing aspects of this office furniture installation was that the Meeting Rooms had tables that were Imperial iBench’Specials’ and the Management Suite had ‘Special Radial Desks’ and ‘Special Conference Extensions’. These items were designed by Nigel Curtis and Derek Flood from BT Office Furniture. Imperialtheoffice furniture manufacturers then proceeded to make them as ‘Specials’Read More →

Office Space Plan

Merlin Entertainments has been a long-term customer of BT Office Furniture and has moved and expanded rapidly over the past few years. The main head office is situated in Poole, and occupies all four floors of Dolphin House near the Quay. Over the past few years the space has been constantly evolving to accommodate more staff and new departments, which has presented a number of space planning challenges all of which seem to have worked with great success! Around three years ago, the corporate department of Merlin relocated to separate offices locally and took over two wings of one floor at Latimer House, laterRead More →

Winkworth Office

Winkworth professional property services were established in 1835, and now have over 80 independently owned and operated offices in the UK as well as an international presence. Winkworth has been a long-term loyal BT Office customer for a number of years – purchasing ad-hoc pieces of office furniture as well as complete office furnishing solutions for a number of their new and existing offices. This time Winkworth approached BT Office for suggestions for their newly acquired office in Highcliffe, Dorset.Read More →

Stringfellows Office Furniture

The main office was previously located next door to the Covent Garden Club – but due to the refurbishment and new use of the building, the office had to be relocated. The decision was made to relocate to the basement of the Soho Club and as the opportunity had arose, to now create a more efficient and also visually striking office.Read More →