The Faaborg Chair by Kaare Klint Kaare Klint was a Danish designer who was a key force in furniture design in the 1920ís, he also played a large part in founding the furniture school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.Read More →

When choosing the right pieces of furniture for your office, experiencing the designs in 3D can bring them to life and aid the process no end, which is why we are proud to introduce our unique new range of 3D product videos. These simple yet effective videos allow you to explore our products in greater depth by experiencing them in 360 degrees.Read More →

Underwater Office

So what makes a good office location? It may be an amazing office building or an unusual location, an address to impress or perhaps windows with breathtaking views. Having an office in a great location usually means that your business has made it and it can be an important factor to impress potential clients or attract the best work force. Our list of the 10 best (and some unusual) office locations takes us all around the world and beyond.Read More →

Office Storage

In the current business climate many businesses may find themselves in smaller offices than they desire, but with the cost of moving and higher rents companies may be looking for alternative ways to free up valuable floor space. With clever office storage solutions you can gain space and at the same time achieve a clutter free office.Read More →

Oak Office Furniture

Oak office furniture is a popular choice for the office. It is an attractive wood that blends in with both a classic and a contemporary interior. Known for its durability and strength, it is also easy to create a design around oak furniture as it can be matched with almost any colour and complement both fabric and leather chairs and sofas. For a harmonised look it is advised to buy oak office desks from the same range and of similar quality and shade as your bookshelves, oak office coffee tables and other main furniture in the office.Read More →

Red Tub Chair

Looking for a new design for your office or feel like your office space is in need of some added colour or warmth – then why not introduce some red office furniture to the theme? Red is best used as an accent colour, with a few red pieces together with white, black or wooden furniture. There is currently a great range of red office furniture available on the market; including red cabinets, red desks and even red drawers. Red office furniture is great for adding warmth and colour to a light or open space, it will give the space a focal point and something toRead More →

School Furniture

– Furniture for the modern classroom The key considerations for a classroom design include functional and flexible furniture, classroom layout and choice of colours. Education furniture also needs to reflect the requirements of the modern classroom and incorporate electronic equipment. Today a classroom is usually divided into different spaces for various activities and furniture may frequently be moved around to adapt to different learning techniques. As technology and learning methods are constantly changing the modern classroom requires furniture that can adapt to these changes and it is important that your education furniture supplier understands such requirements.Read More →

Ocean Executive Chair

Its durability and great style make the executive leather office chair an excellent choice for the office or home study. Executive leather chairs also have superb ergonomic features making them very comfortable and suitable for heavy use. Styles are available in contemporary and classic designs and in different price ranges to suit everyone’s budget. Apart from the regular brown and black leathers some models are available in green, red and blue leathers should you fancy something a bit different.Read More →

White Office Desk

Dull or Fresh? Whatever you think about the colour white, it can work in any office space and with different types of interiors. White is a timeless colour that will never go out of fashion and therefore making it ideal for the office environment. If used correctly, white office furniture can make a pure and fresh impression and create a peaceful atmosphere. To prevent a ‘white’ room from looking blank and boring, other colours or materials should be introduced to the design.† White looks great together with wood furniture or coloured glass or mixed with black office furniture to create a minimalist modern design. WHITERead More →