Whether you’re undergoing an entire office fit out in an existing space, you’re designing a new one, or you’re looking to make some minor improvements to your current layout or office dcor, there’s an awful lot to think about and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Making changes to your office space can be incredibly beneficial, allowing you to boost productivity, engagement, and staff satisfaction levels, as well as refreshing the business. Today, office design, layout, and space planning is far more creative and versatile than ever before, with a whole host of furniture, designs, layouts, and finishes to choose from. However,Read More →

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Every office is different the space available is different, the procedures different, the products of admin work different. Efficiency is key to the operation of all offices as the less time you need to spend looking for important items, or retrieving files, or waiting for workspace, the more time you have to spend in more profitable areas of your business. Time is money after all! For an office with the luxury of space, efficiency is easy. Theres plenty of space to move around and fit people in, and to have oodles of storage to keep pesky files in their place. However, with rising rents, particularlyRead More →

We were thrilled when South West Artwork’s Laura Mulhern agreed to be interviewed byBT Office Furniture & Interiors. Her story is inspiring to all budding entrepreneurs and we are planning to work on projects together in the not too distant future. What is your background? I was born in Belfast N.Ireland but grew up in London where I studied and worked before I moved to Dorset in 2005. I came down to visit the coast one summer and never went back! Qualifications? I studied to tertiary level and graduated with BA Hons in English and Directing for Theatre. I was also awarded the UnLtd AwardRead More →

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Today’s media have an apparent obsession with the battle between the sexes. I guess it makes compulsive reading for women to discover they have a physiological, psychological or competitive advantage over their male counterparts. And the reverse is true from a male perspective. Scientific ‘revelations’ demonstrating gender difference have the power to raise or lower self-esteem, depending on your perspective. For some, it may even help create a psychological barrier to combat provocative sexism. Men Can’t Multitask You’ve heard it said many times before, men can’t multi-task, women can’t read maps, it’s a boy thing, it’s a girl thing etc. etc. Clearly huge generalisations. AsRead More →

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Most of us have ‘Al Desko’ dined at one point or another in our working lives and many do it regularly. Read on to discover if you too are an ‘al desko’ diner… Definition: ‘Al Desko Diner’ A person who eats their meals while sitting at an office desk. The Facts A large proportion of the modern day workforce now consider themselves so busy that they forego their lunch hour. Instead, either through choice or necessity they keep on top of their workload by eating in between key strokes and phone calls. Even more worrying for workers is that huge numbers reportedly eat up toRead More →

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Second Hand & Used Office Furniture One of the most common questions we’re asked is if we sell second hand office furniture. Dealing in used furniture was once a successful business model for some companies. We used to deal in second hand furniture ourselves, as our existing customers may remember. However, manufacturing techniques and processes have involved and advanced to a point now where it is almost as cheap to buy new office furniture as used. The advantage of course to buying new furniture is that it comes with a guarantee and spare parts or matching items can usually be obtained when required. We haveRead More →

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Artwork For Business Spaces, Office & Leisure Venues It’s amazing the difference artwork can make to the ambience of a room space. Have you ever found yourself drawn towards a particular picture or painting? Perhaps you found it peculiarly fascinating and it captured your imagination in some way. Or maybe you simply found it curious or beautiful. Whatever the reason, the point is that it provoked an emotional response in you, and this can be used to your advantage from a business perspective. Artwork can be subtle so that it blends in with the surroundings or it can be bright, striking and ostentatious to instantlyRead More →

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We’ve moved! …well – virtually moved. Just a very quick post to let you know that we have successfully migrated our site to a new domain: We have a huge new range of products and more office furniture being added to our online catalogue daily. Please visit us at http://www.btoffice.co.uk …and don’t forget to ‘Like’ / +1 the page!Read More →

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The modern workspace has revolutionized the traditional office environment. Now, employees expect to have a place to relax, talk with coworkers, and get away from the daily cubicle duties. And, the break room a highly underrated room of the office is one of the most important aspects of this modern office. Happy employees are productive employees. And when it comes to your employees, little things can make a big difference. Creating an employee break room is a small perk that can help refresh minds, build friendships, and boost your bottom line. Lifetime.com Whether youre starting fresh, need a complete overhaul of the existing space, orRead More →

Eco Friendly Office Environment

Eco-friendly is a term we are seeing more and more around the home, but what can we do to make our offices friendlier for the environment? Regardless of it being a home office or a larger office at work, we can all look for energy saving ideas and techniques to make us more eco-friendly. In this article I intend to give you 3 cost effective and eco-friendly tips you can use in your office, to help save money. Turning that off switch off In and around your office there will be many electrical components, some that are used for most of the day, for exampleRead More →