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Executive Office Chairs Buying Guide – BT Office Furniture

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Executive office chairs, with their straight-backed style that offer support for the entire upper body and style make theman excellent choice for offices or home study. But its hard to know with all the different shapes, styles and materials, which executive chair should you buy?

Thats why we have created this buying guide to help you find the executive office chair thats not only stylish, but also supports your back and improves your posture. Our chairs are also great for making sure your workplace is DSE Assessment compliant.

Mesh executive chairs are a popular option for offices now. Theyre lightweight, sturdy, and are fully breathable. Theyre also very stylish and fit right into a modern office. They can also be adjusted much more easily that leather executive office chairs many with adjustable backs, arm rests, head and neck rests, and customisable back and seat positions.

According to a study by Nachemson and Elfstrm, Intravital dynamic pressure measurements in lumbar discs. A study of common movements, maneuvers and exercises, the further forward you sit in your office chair, the more pressure you are putting on your spinal column. A good executive chair, mesh or leather, helps alleviate pressure on your spinal column by supporting your entire upper body throughout the day:

How posture affects disc pressure

Executive leather chairs also have superb ergonomic features making them very comfortable and suitable for heavy use. Styles are available in contemporary and classic designs and in different price ranges to suit everyones budget. Like the mesh chairs, they offer comforts, but whilst they have a more classic style, they dont offer as much customised back support.

To help you choose an office chair, we have put together the best chairs for the top 5 most asked-for office chair needs.

1. Best mesh executive office chairs for back pain

Ergo 24 Mesh executive chair

The Ergo Mesh 24 executive chair gives excellent support throughout the seat to upper body. You can adjust the back lumbar support, seat positions, head rest position, arm position, and its breathable to boot.

Product details:

  • Breathable seat pad
  • Multi-adjustable lumbar function
  • Soft padded height adjustable armrests
  • Multi-adjustable headrest
  • Weight tension control
  • Gas lift height adjustment

Take a closer look at the Ergo 24 Mesh executive chair

Polaris executive mesh chair

The Polaris executive mesh chair is generously proportioned posture curved upholstered seat with waterfall front. Its stylish contoured black nylon detailed mesh backrest with integrated lumbar support. There is a synchronised mechanism for simultaneous adjustment of seat and backrest and a fully reclining knee tilt mechanism with tension control adjustable for individual body weight. Complete with stylish adjustable T shaped arms

Product details

  • Gas height adjustment
  • Detailed rear back shell with chrome effect infill for added style
  • Large chrome spider base fitted with twin wheel hodded castors
  • Available in black, red and blue mesh back
  • Seat Depth 490mm
  • Seat width 510mm
  • Seat Height 490mm-570mm
  • Back Width 480mm
  • Back Height 720mm

Take a closer look at the Polaris executive mesh chair here

Mirage mesh chair

The Mirage mesh chair offers ultimate high-backed comfort with headrest attached. The seat fabric is suspended mesh, allowing for air to flow around the seat and the mesh backrest encourages temperature control too.

Product information:

  • Easy self-assembly
  • Matching meeting chair available
  • Breathable mesh seat and backrest
  • Stylish design backrest with anthracite finish frame
  • Synchro tilt mech with weight tension control and seat slide
  • Soft PU pad height adjustable arms included
  • Chrome 5 star base
  • Gas lift tested up to 150kg
  • Max usage: 8 hours
  • Seat width:510mm
  • Seat depth:500mm
  • Seat height:500mm
  • Back width: 450mm
  • Back height: 540mm
  • Overall width: 660mm
  • Overall depth: 580mm
  • Overall height: 960mm With headrest: 1160mm
  • Arm Height:670mm

2. Best leather and faux-leather executive office chairs for back pain

Noble Executive Chair

The Noble executive chairs support is provided by thick cushioning from the seat to the high-back. Its contoured shape gives plenty of lumbar support whilst also looking modern and stylish. It also encourages the sitter to lean back into the chair reducing compression to the spinal column.

Product details:

  • Swivel base and high back
  • Upholstered in black faux leather
  • Thick padding
  • Gas lift adjustment
  • Locking tilt mechanism with tension control
  • Weight capacity 115kg

Palermo Executive chair

The Palermo executive office chair has double-padding, making it extremely comfortable. And stylish at the same time. Perfect for sitting in for long periods, and hard wearing as a result. Its also available in 2 colourways = black or grey, to suit your office decor.

Product details:

  • Double padded seat for enhanced comfort
  • Available in black and grey
  • Head rest and lumbar support
  • Gas lift adjustment
  • Locking tilt mechanism with tension control
  • Seat width: 530mm
  • Seat depth: 520mm
  • Back Height: 705mm
  • Seat height: 505mm-575mm

Nefil Leather

The Nefil leather executive chair offers the same style as a mesh executive chair, but in leather. Not only does it provide lots of lumbar support, its customisable arms for height and width, headrest, seat slide, seat tilt, and back tilt make it just as ergonomic as the mesh chairs. With its 10 year guarantee, it is much more hardwearing than the mesh chairs too.

Product details:

  • Gas lift height adjustment
  • Back tilt adjustment
  • Lumbar support
  • Seat slide
  • Seat tilt
  • Adjustable headrest available
  • Adjustable height and width arm
  • Chrome base
  • Seat width: 495mm
  • Seat depth: 500mm
  • Seat height: 520-630mm
  • Back width: 525mm
  • Overall width: 435-670mm
  • Overall depth: 665mm
  • 10 Year guarantee

Need some more help picking out the perfect executive chair for you? Contact our team for help and quotes.

Office Pods Buying Guide: The Key Productivity Benefits

Office Pods Buying Guide: The Key Productivity Benefits

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Office pods are an essential part of modern open plan offices. But if youre thinking about getting office pods for your workplace and youre not sure about the benefits of them or where to buy them, read on.

What are office pods?

Office pods are contained desks with usually 3-4 sides and often a roof. They offer an enclosed space away from noise and distractions in open office layouts. Many can be moved around too. Some have acoustic qualities and can block out noise around them. Theyre a great solution for offering space to focus in a large open office.

5 Key Benefits of office pods

1. They block out sound

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that office pods block out noise. They also stop noise coming in too, especially acoustic office pods which aim to block noise by up to 100%.

2. They are great for neurodivergent employees

Neurodiversity has been an ever-present factor in offices, but its only recently workplaces are catering for employees with different neurological needs. Many people with neurological differences need quiet places to focus. Conditions like dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and autism often causes extreme anxiety in large open spaces.

Office pods are the perfect cost-effective solution for catering for neurodiversity for this reason. Giving employees a quiet place to focus and gather thoughts will make them more productive employees as a result. Buzzi Bracks are a great option because they create customisable spaces and they block out sound and distractions with sound-absorbing screens. They come in a range of calming colours, too.

3. Theyre great for conference calls

If your organisation relies on remote conference calling for product demos, client meetings and catch ups, then office pods are the perfect solution. Open offices can be noisy places, and if you find calls are interrupted by noise from elsewhere in the office then its time to think about office pods. Equally, noise from conference calls can be disruptive to neighboring colleagues too. Acoustic office pods are designed with calls in mind with many resembling phone booths.

4. They provide spaces to focus in otherwise open offices

Neurodivergent or not, its well known that open plan offices make employees less productive, increase sickness and stress. But open plan offices are extremely cost-effective, making them a popular choice. If you already have an open plan office, office pods can help create focus zones very quickly and cost-effectively, compared with redesigning an entire office.

5. Meeting pods save precious meeting room time

Meeting rooms are a scarce commodity in any office. Having somewhere private to meet for 121s, catch-ups and small meetings of 4 or less people, means that meeting rooms are freed-up for larger meetings and external meetings. Larger office pods like train carriage style office pods not only block out noise and distractions, but they often have seating for more than 3 people.

Are you spoilt for choice with the huge range of office pods on the market? Contact us at BT Office today well help you find an office pod perfect for your office.



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Modern Office Design & Planning

Whether you’re undergoing an entire office fit out in an existing space, you’re designing a new one, or you’re looking to make some minor improvements to your current layout or office decor, there’s an awful lot to think about and it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Making changes to your office space can be incredibly beneficial, allowing you to boost productivity, engagement, and staff satisfaction levels, as well as refreshing the business.

Today, office design, layout, and space planning is far more creative and versatile than ever before, with a whole host of furniture, designs, layouts, and finishes to choose from.

However, if you want to ensure your office layout is as practical, functional, and efficient as possible, its important that the space is carefully planned and well thought out.


When it comes to planning and designing your office space, there are a number of factors to take into account including how the space is used and your overall objectives, as well as your budget, colour preferences, and design ideas.

Ultimately, an office needs to flow naturally and be optimised for productivity. So, when it comes to planning your office space, its important to think about the type of space each department needs to work efficiently and effectively, as well as the operational goals you want to achieve within the space.


Although you might have a clear idea about the type of office furniture you want for your office, its not always easy to envisage how it will fit into the space you have available, particularly if your office isn’t a uniform shape such as a perfect square or rectangle.

When planning your office, there are a whole host of considerations, including work flow analysis, office desk type and shape, office storage, and office chair ergonomics.

With this in mind, its important to develop a floor plan to ensure that you can maximise your workspace and your employee productivity.


Planning an office layout isnt just about the practical elements, its also important to consider office decor if you want to create a productive and pleasant working environment.

Many companies brand their office space, just as they brand their website, social media platforms, and products. With so many different furniture and dcor options available, its never been easier to integrate your branding into your office space.

Remember that the small, final touches can make a big difference. Even if you’re going for a clean, minimal look, there are still plenty of opportunities to add finishing touches such as plant pots and prints that will really pull the design together.


Office space planning might sound like a simple task, but there are a whole host of things to consider. Your office plan must take into account:

  • Which departments or teams will be working in the space?
  • How many employees will be working in the space?
  • Which employees need specific features?
  • How many people move through the space?
  • Which employees interact regularly and need to be near each other to work effectively?
  • Which employees need to sit close to equipment such as printers, copiers, etc?
  • Do you need any additional spaces such as bathrooms, conference and meeting rooms, reception areas, storage space, etc?

Utilising a professional space planning service will allow you to visualise your available space and truly understand how your office furniture will fit into it.

Using 2D or 3D CAD planning, a space planning service will allow you to track the space allocated to each department, test different scenarios and layouts by moving furniture around, view and plan your office layout around building features and systems.

This may also to help you save money on the cost of your office, helping you to plan in a way that will fit everything you need into a smaller space.


Modern office design offers a whole host of opportunities, limited only by your imagination (as well as budget and space, of course).

With a firm focus on promoting a flexible approach to working, modern office design will allow you to create collaborative work spaces that not only optimise productivity, but also promote wellbeing and a positive, healthy culture.

Unlike traditional office designs that tended to work off closed floor plans, modern office designs generally embrace the benefits of open floor plans, where permanent walls are replaced with low-walled cubicles, office pods, collaborative working areas, and glass-walls.

This contemporary approach to office design offers a whole host of benefits, including the versatility to modify the layout easily in response to the organisations changing needs, as well as promoting employee collaboration.

If youre looking for inspiration, check out our inspirational ideas for the modern office here.

At BT Office Furniture, we offer a comprehensive 2D and 3D space planning and design service. Get in touch to find out more or to discuss your specific requirements.