The BBC has never been synonymous with outstanding interior design, yet this week they have unveiled the new look BBC North buildings which has surprised many by steering away from the traditional corporate image. The most surprising decision by the team of designers was to abandon the idea of permanent desks and encourage workers to move around the building and interact with different areas.Read More →

Dorset based office furniture supplier, BT Office is pleased to announce that one of its recent office creations in Bournemouth, Dorset has been chosen as a location for a corporate video. The landmark Loewry House was refurbished by BT Office at the beginning of the year and is home to 4com, a leading telecommunications business. Weeks later 4com were approached to feature as a location for a video shoot for international ID card printer manufacturer, Magicard.Read More →

Leading office furniture retailer BT Office has unveiled its new range of reception seating, adding to their already extensive range of office chairs, desks and furniture. Not limited to just the reception area, this beautiful range of stylish and comfortable seating can be used in a relaxation environment for staff or for casual meetings.Read More →

Office Desk Curry Coloured Glass

  [vimeo video_id=”3239496″] Does an untidy desk full of clutter mean a messy mind? If so, surely no-one would want an empty desk? Film-maker Aaron Trinder has looked in to this idea and investigated the different relationships people have with their workspaces in an engrossing 6 minute video. He investigates the common thought that a messy desk relates to an unproductive and disorganised work life, he also looks at those who defy that trend, such as Albert Einstein who had a notoriously cluttered work space yet an uncluttered working life.Read More →

This week leading financial chiefs have voiced fears that the economy may be heading for a double dip, labelling the country at a 34% risk of slipping into a repeat of last years recession. With the risk that things may not be improving office furniture supplier BT Office advises businesses to think carefully about new purchases and business changes.Read More →

It seems a month rarely passes without news of bizarre government spending, and this one is no exception. The Department for Work and Pensions has given new meaning to the term ‘hot seat’, as over the past three years they have bought around 23 thousand new chairs for its employees at a vast cost. Although officially they claim the total was pushed up due to essential office furniture, insiders have indicated that status within the department was symbolised by the price of your chair, suggesting that the more expensive the chair, the more important the occupant may be.Read More →

BT Office has recently added a new style of executive desk to their already extensive range of office furniture. The EKIS 11 is both stylish and practical, offering excellent support and durability. BT Office also offers co-ordinating tables, bookcases and storage solutions to complete the range. The EKIS desk features a strong, 38mm thick desk top in a range of finishes to suit your taste and existing furniture.Read More →

White Office Furniture

BT Office Furniture offers a modern, clean and crisp range of brilliant white office desks, chairs and office furniture. Architects and designers have consistently told us that our working environment makes a huge difference, not only to the way clients perceive our business, but also to the way our employees feel. As well as providing a modern, minimalistic and professional look to your clients, it also allows your team the space to think and nurture inspiration.Read More →

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Postural, joint and muscular problems pinpointed to necks, backs, hips and knees are on the increase amongst the British workforce. These problems could be attributed to poor seating posture, lack of movement in the office and inappropriate office furniture. A survey recently published by Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) revealed that as many as one in four employees work non-stop throughout the day and many of us work through most of our lunch break. Furthermore, a Deskbound survey uncovered that 60% of the British workforce work more than their contracted hours, 36% suffer from bad posture and 57% suffer from backache.Read More →