Back complaints and other musculoskeletal disorders are the second most common cause of long-term absenteeism in the UK after stress-related illness. It has been estimated that more than 7.5 million work days were lost in the UK from 2010-2011 because of back pain blamed on the workplace. The most common cause of bad backs at work are poor posture, sitting for extended periods in the same position and not taking enough regular breaks. In general, back pain caused by an uncomfortable office chair or sitting incorrectly can be remedied in just a few days. Even more extreme back pain can usually be cured in aRead More →

Orangebox DO Task Chair

DO More From Less BT Office furniture are thrilled to announce the arrival of what in our opinion is one of the best task chairs we’ve seen to date. South Wales office seating manufacturer Orangebox have created ergonomic and stylish chairs which is also kinder on the environment than most other office chairs. By combining their expertise, creative spirit and focus on fewer ‘manufacturing miles’ (carbon footprint), they have successfully created a stunning addition to their range. The end result is a product that is lightweight, durable and tremendously eyecatching. Eco-Friendly, Ergonomic Design Orangebox clearly take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously. This is oftenRead More →

GGI Bahia Chair

General Advice & Guidelines It’s surprising how often we’re asked if we can recommend a comfortable office chair. Although it seems like a completely fair question, in reality choosing the right chair is entirely subjective. An elderly gentleman visited our showroom recently and explained that he had recently slipped a disc in his back. Naturally, our first recommendation was an ergonomic office chair, in particular an Ergohuman Mesh Chair. Strangely, he didn’t find it particularly comfortable because of his back problems. In the end, he bought a cheap, hard-backed GGI Bahia polypropylene chair (pictured) with a hard, curved back. This chair actually comes from ourRead More →

Home Office Arrangement

Home Office Creation – The 5 Essentials 1. The Desk Before you get anything else what so ever you will first need to think about a quality office desk. It doesnt have to be a really expensive desk or the largest by any stretch of the imagination, but a desk that is going to: a) fit your room, and b) fit your budget. It is common for people who are creating their first home office to believe they need the biggest most expensive desk they can possibly find, in order to impress clients. But if you think about it you are not going to wantRead More →

Ergonomic Office Chair vs Executive Leather Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair vs Executive Leather Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Ergonomic– it’s such a thoroughly modern word but what does it actually mean? For some, especially those involved in marketing or retail, it is a magic word added to a product to give it a unique selling point. It’s a bit like ‘serum’ or ‘scientifically proven to work’ plastered all over anti-wrinkle creams and skin potion pots. It encourages people to buy the product even if there is no real scientific evidence that the ‘serum’ will actually make you look younger. The Collins English Dictionary Definition is as follows: “designedtominimizephysicaleffortanddiscomfort,andhence maximizeefficiency” The benefits of someRead More →

Cusp Tub Chairs

Swap your Office Chairs for Couches and Sofas It is often said that more business deals are sealed over a relaxing lunch or dinner. Of course this is often due in part to the obligatory consumption of alcohol which helps clients to relax and communicate more effectively (until the slurring of speech and dribbling begins! 🙂 ) What this highlights however is the fact that alcohol has played a part in helping to create a relaxing environment, conducive to business. Now Im not suggesting that you ply your clients with booze as a matter of course at every business meeting. However, some business owners areRead More →

Office Chair

Office Chair Guide In the beginning… Once upon a time there was an office chair. It was a lonely office chair and one of a kind. There were no other office chairs. All alone in the world and devoid of company, the office chair sought out its creator, who duly decreed that ‘thou shalt go forth and multiply’. And it did. Through a combination of invention, mass manufacturing and developments in ergonomic design, our office chair suddenly found that it was faced with the threat of extinction, due to a disturbing increase in the number of rival ‘designer’ chairs. Their ranks began to swell evenRead More →

BT Office Furniture

Office Furniture Installation for 4Com We recently suppliedoffice furnitureto accommodate 180 staff at 4Com and it’s a refit that we’re incredibly proud of. The office furniture installation for a job on this scale required all of our specialist installation team working flat out over a 5-day period! One of the most pleasing aspects of this office furniture installation was that the Meeting Rooms had tables that were Imperial iBench’Specials’ and the Management Suite had ‘Special Radial Desks’ and ‘Special Conference Extensions’. These items were designed by Nigel Curtis and Derek Flood from BT Office Furniture. Imperialtheoffice furniture manufacturers then proceeded to make them as ‘Specials’Read More →

Leather Office Chairs

Leather Care Guide We are often asked by our customers for advice on how to protect, preserve and clean leather office furniture, in particular our executive leather office chairs. For this reason, we’ve compiled this handy leather care guide to help you properly look after your leather office furniture. This will help to prevent damage from improper use of cleaning products and help to prolong the life of your product.   Leather Cleaning Guide You may need the following depending on the result you are trying to achieve: Cleaning cloths (specialised E-cloth microfibre furniture cleaning cloths can be used on leather) Distilled water Isopropyl alcoholRead More →

Office Furniture Feng Shui

Office Furniture Feng Shui The ancient Chinese art or science of Feng Shui dates back more than 3000 years. Literally meaning ‘Wind’ ‘Water’, it is alleged that the positioning of furniture, ornaments, trinkets and paintings can directly affect the flow of energy in any given space. Whether or not you actually believe that Feng Shui works, there can be no doubt that some of the principles have sound logical and practical elements that can affect your home and office environment. Do you have a favourite public house or restaurant that you like to frequent? If the answer to this question is Yesthen you will probablyRead More →