Home Office Arrangement

Home Office Creation – The 5 Essentials 1. The Desk Before you get anything else what so ever you will first need to think about a quality office desk. It doesnt have to be a really expensive desk or the largest by any stretch of the imagination, but a desk that is going to: a) fit your room, and b) fit your budget. It is common for people who are creating their first home office to believe they need the biggest most expensive desk they can possibly find, in order to impress clients. But if you think about it you are not going to wantRead More →

BT Office Furniture

Office Furniture Installation for 4Com We recently suppliedoffice furnitureto accommodate 180 staff at 4Com and it’s a refit that we’re incredibly proud of. The office furniture installation for a job on this scale required all of our specialist installation team working flat out over a 5-day period! One of the most pleasing aspects of this office furniture installation was that the Meeting Rooms had tables that were Imperial iBench’Specials’ and the Management Suite had ‘Special Radial Desks’ and ‘Special Conference Extensions’. These items were designed by Nigel Curtis and Derek Flood from BT Office Furniture. Imperialtheoffice furniture manufacturers then proceeded to make them as ‘Specials’Read More →

Office Furniture Feng Shui

Office Furniture Feng Shui The ancient Chinese art or science of Feng Shui dates back more than 3000 years. Literally meaning ‘Wind’ ‘Water’, it is alleged that the positioning of furniture, ornaments, trinkets and paintings can directly affect the flow of energy in any given space. Whether or not you actually believe that Feng Shui works, there can be no doubt that some of the principles have sound logical and practical elements that can affect your home and office environment. Do you have a favourite public house or restaurant that you like to frequent? If the answer to this question is Yes then you will probablyRead More →


A Brief History Of The Office & Office Furniture – Part 2 Office Desk Evolution Before the invention of the printing press, all books and literature had to be copied by hand. It is widely thought that the Chinese invented paper possibly as early as 100BC. The constituents of this early paper was quickly improved upon and people were probably using it for writing within a few years. Therefore we can safely assume that some form of writing desk would probably have evolved at the same time. So the desk or bureau has been with us for at least 2000 years. Before the moveable typeRead More →

A Brief History Of The Office & Office Furniture – Part 1 Office Storage Although there is no conclusive proof that offices were used by early humans, we do know that neolithic people were building storage shelves. This picture taken from Skara Brae 5, Orkney, Scotland clearly shows this. The site is thought to date from around 3100BC and in addition to the storage shelves and dresser, there is other stone furniture such as seating and preparation surfaces. Even stone shelving above the bed areas is evident, perhaps for storing more personal items and possessions. Of course there is no specific evidence that these shelvesRead More →

Vespa Workstation

Unusual Office Furniture 1. Vespa Workstation How about this for an office desk… An Australian blogger decided to customise his 1968 Vespa Sprint and convert it into a fully functional and comfortable office workstation. According to the creator, the Italian scooter was beyond restoration. “I have tried to maintain the traditional characteristics by converting the back half into a functional workstation, complete with adjustable lap top stand.” 2. Portable Office Could this be the ultimate in office furniture chic? Welcome to the Louis Vuitton Portable Office Trunk! This stylish and classy office comes complete with DVD player, TV, solar power and coffee maker. The coffeeRead More →

Office Furniture

How Important Is Your Office Furniture For Your Business? Your office or working environment can have a huge impact on your business both for your employees and for clients. Certainly if your company requires you to entertain and meet clients on a regular basis then you will want to make sure that your office furniture is high quality and contemporary. Your office furniture will be the first thing that your clients see and naturally you will want to try and create the right atmosphere that is both conducive to business as well as relaxing. First impressions can be immensely important when forging business relationships and alliances. WhenRead More →