We were thrilled when South West Artwork’s Laura Mulhern agreed to be interviewed byBT Office Furniture & Interiors. Her story is inspiring to all budding entrepreneurs and we are planning to work on projects together in the not too distant future. What is your background? I was born in Belfast N.Ireland but grew up in London where I studied and worked before I moved to Dorset in 2005. I came down to visit the coast one summer and never went back! Qualifications? I studied to tertiary level and graduated with BA Hons in English and Directing for Theatre. I was also awarded the UnLtd AwardRead More →

G Spot Computer Mouse

The average office worker will spend around 2000 hours per year in the office. That’s a lot of time pushing paper and so naturally we all look for ways to make our office environments and working days more fun and enjoyable. Here are 10 must have gadgets to spice up any office – if you can get away with it… #1 G Spot Mouse Designed by Andy Kurovets It has been said that most men will†not be able to successfully find the scroll wheel! Come on fellas…get some practice in. #2 Carpet Skates These fit right over your shoes and will have you finding anyRead More →

Multi Touch Table

Interactive Tables Multi Touch and Interactive Tables are essentially like giant iPads which have numerous sensors under the surface that allow the user to interact with the device. Entry level multi touch tables may have as few as 20 or 30 touch points. But some more advanced interactive tables have over well over 1000 touch points plus multiple motion sensing cameras and infra red sensors that track your hand and finger movements. This allows both individuals and groups to closely interact with the device. Really high end tables also have integrated advanced speaker systems such as Bose. These next generation multi touch devices allow usersRead More →

The BBC has never been synonymous with outstanding interior design, yet this week they have unveiled the new look BBC North buildings which has surprised many by steering away from the traditional corporate image. The most surprising decision by the team of designers was to abandon the idea of permanent desks and encourage workers to move around the building and interact with different areas.Read More →

With the fun of Christmas and New Year passing like a bad hangover and nothing but dark mornings and rubbish weather to look forward to, January can be a depressing month. So we have decided to brighten up your miserable faces with a list of the best office pranks you can terrorise your co-workers with. Whether you have a little or a lot of time on your hands, we have something for everyone.Read More →

Paul Smith Stripy Jotter Pad

Iím a sucker for Paul Smith, so itís no surprise I picked this jotter to pimp my office.† Itís covered in a stripy print, and all pages are lined and headed with the Paul Smith signature. And you get a free Paul Smith bookmark. Itís between A4 and A5 size, and you can buy it from their website: http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/us/gifts-300/jotter-a8xa-book-jott-1/product.html?LproductId=5641Read More →