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Does an untidy desk full of clutter mean a messy mind? If so, surely no-one would want an empty desk?

Film-maker Aaron Trinder has looked in to this idea and investigated the different relationships people have with their workspaces in an engrossing 6 minute video.

He investigates the common thought that a messy desk relates to an unproductive and disorganised work life, he also looks at those who defy that trend, such as Albert Einstein who had a notoriously cluttered work space yet an uncluttered working life.

Trinder interviews a group of creatives who all share a different ethos as to how a person’s desk should be, some believe clarity is the way to gain inspiration where as others scatter their inspiration all around.

Desks can be a very personal thing, whether it’s a desk in an office that will remain there after you have progressed up the career ladder or a desk at home that will stay with you no matter where you go, everyone makes their desk their own. The conclusion of the video seems to be that each person works differently and needs different things around them.

The desk itself is a very important thing, the size and shape must align with the way a person plans to use it. If someone opts for the ‘messy is good’ approach then the desk must be able to allow space to spread out, whereas if they decide ‘less in more’, a desk can afford to be compact and tidy.

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