Furniture For Education

With education high on the agenda for the government and politicians, it’s important for educational organisations to provide high quality, affordable furniture for their students.

This of course needs to fall within budget remits which are being increasingly squeezed in these turbulent economic times.

It’s for this reason that we’ve carefully selected an affordable range of furniture for education suitable for schools, colleges and universities. Our aim is to satisfy your desire to provide comfort, flexibility and practicality for your students while keeping within allocated budgetary constraints.

Multi-functional Chair / Table

Multi-functional Chair/TableIf you’re looking for some really ‘smart’ school furniture, the chairs shown in the image can easily be converted into ready to use tables.

To convert from a chair into a table, you simply push up the base and the back of the chair becomes the table top. The seat then folds over the front of the desk to form a modesty panel.

They are available in black, blue, red or grey.

These are also suitable for use in colleges, universities and examination rooms.

View our office chair range

Lockers & Changing Room Units

We also have a range of lockers & changing room units.

Locker Room / Changing Room UnitThis particular bench unit is double sided and includes hanging hooks for clothes.

The seat battens are made from solid beech and optional shoe trays are also available. The frame is made from solid steel and comes with a grey powder coated finish.

These are ideal for sports halls, gyms and educational facility changing rooms.

Single side locker room changing units are also available.



Large & Junior Wood LockersTo complement these we also have a range of large lockers and junior wood lockers. These come in beech, red, yellow, blue and green and are made using a beech carcass.

The units can be linked together and fixed to walls for additional safety.

Stacking Chairs, Tilt Top Tables & Stools

One of our most common requests is for an educational furniture solution that will offer complete flexibility.

It’s often the case that large areas such as school halls need to be converted temporarily into exam rooms. In order to do this you need to be able to quickly and easily stack away furniture when the space is required for other purposes.

One of the best ways to achieve this is with stackable meeting room chairs and folding exam tables.

Stackable Chairs & Folding Exam Tables

We have also have a range of stackable chairs and smaller sized tables suitable for children.

School Chairs for Children

Click the imagefor more details.

Work Benches, Art & Craft Tables

Work Bench With Central WellOur work benches are suitable for Design & Technology classes and an optional woodwork or engineers vice can be added.

The tops and under frames are made from solid beech and the centre of the tables can be turned to form a well (as shown in the image).

Our rectangular work bench is suitable for 2 people, while the square work bench (pictured) can accommodate up to 4 students.

Art TableArt & Craft tables are generally higher than standard tables so that users can either stand of sit on stools to work. Different height tables are available depending on your requirements.


Height Adjustable Tables

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish and funky for your school or college, we have some unusual height adjustable tables.

Height Adjustable Tables

These include a horseshoe table, clover table and doughnut table.

Book Displays, Mobile Drawer Units & Storage Lockers

The image below shows a selection of our products ideally suited for schools and children’s educational facilities.

From top left to right clockwise:

1. Mobile Drawer Unit
2. 8 Tray Storage Unit
3. Book Display Units
4. Mobile Kinderboxes
5. Mobile Bookcase
6. Wooden Storage Lockers

Book Displays, Mobile Drawer Units & Storage Lockers

Secure Desks & Locker Desks

Of course, no school or college is complete without a traditional locker desk. Two person double locker desks are also available.

Additionally, we have secure desks for teachers and lecturers which allow you to lock and secure your monitor, computer and other peripherals.

Locker Desk & Secure Computer Desk

Exam Desk & Chair Trolleys

And finally…in order to easily transport and move around your new education furniture, we recommend exam desk and chair trolleys.

This will help save you an enormous amount of time and effort and is an essential item in most schools, colleges and universities.

Exam Desk & Chair Trolley


Important Note:
We continuously strive to provide the best quality products at the lowest possible prices for our clients. BT Office are currently seeking to establish new relationships with education furniture suppliers for some of our products. Therefore, please be aware that some of the items listed in this blog may no longer be available. [RB – 20/07/2012]

For more information, please visit the Education Furniture section of our website.