With nearly 3.5 million people working from home, more people now experience a better work-life balance and less commuting during busy rush hours. Employers may also be pleased to hear that many of us are actually more productive when working at home.

The above figures have been published by the organisation Work Wise UK, the same organisation that encouraged us to stay at home Friday, May 15th to mark the National Work from Home Day.
A prerequisite for taking your work home is usually a computer and a suitable place to work, e.g. a spare room in the house or a converted attic or basement space. Whatever space you call your home office, it calls for functional furniture that meets your requirements for quality and style. The high quality and superior design of executive home office furniture therefore make them an ideal choice for the home office.

Advantages of executive home office furniture
You may pay a bit more for an executive range compared to a more standard office furniture range but it will be money well spent and perhaps prove to be cheaper in the long run.

  • An executive office desk is usually made up of modular pieces of furniture that offers flexible configurations that can be tailored to your needs and the space available.
  • With an executive office range you can easily find matching office storage, seating and computer chairs to match your chosen desk.
  • Executive office furniture offers individual designs that can blend in with the rest of your home and personality.
  • A stylish executive range will probably be a design that you will be happy to live with for longer. The high quality and extended guarantees will ensure that they will last and look good for longer.
  • Another advantage of executive office desks is that they often incorporate a smart cable management solution. A room full of visible cables and a muddle of wires could quickly destroy the look and feel of your home office.

How to pimp your home office

Comfort Zone – If your home office is big enough, an armchair can create a comfort zone used for reading and a change of perspective. With a sofa bed in the room the home office can also double as a guest bedroom.

Walls – Photos with a connection to your line of business or prints that match your colour scheme will look great on your office walls. Creative and inexpensive wall stickers may be suitable for the contemporary home office; you can find many different designs online.

Lighting – A well lit workspace will reduce eye strain and headache, choose a desk light that matches your personality and add accent lighting to showcase your wall art or other items on display.

More Ideas – For more ideas on how to pimp your office, visit the Pimp My Office category on the BT Furniture Blog: http://www.btoffice.co.uk/blog/category/pimp-my-office/

Product ideas

Glamour Executive Desk RangeThe Glamour range combines beautiful design with contemporary materials and clever functionality. You can build your perfect desk configuration from tables in different sizes and shapes.
The table tops are available in mfc or wood veneers and the glass tops come in a range of different colours: black, red, orange, blue, green or white. The striking legs are available in aluminium, chrome, white or black metal and are fitted with cable tracks for smart cable management.

Glamour Executive Range

Glamour Executive Range

Studio Executive Desk Range – With a combination of trend, design and functionality the Studio range offers a fresh solution to the semi management space. The table tops are available in several different wood finishes; walnut, wengue, juniper and maple, or transparent, frosted white or black glass. Features like the 80 cm round desk legs and shaped table tops create an interesting design with an individual feel.

Studio Executive Range