Ego Executive Office DeskIt’s amazing how well chosen adjectives can enhance the perception of certain products or services.

Restaurants do it all the time to make their menus appear more mouthwatering:

Have you ever seen something like the following appear on a menu?

Local beer battered cod and hand cut chips

…that’s Fish & Chips to us ordinary folk!

Another example I saw on a breakfast menu recently was egg described as ‘folded’. Let’s face it, this is essentially just ‘scrambled’ egg isn’t it? – I can imagine the gourmands among you blustering with disagreement at this statement!

You understand what I mean though right?

Sales can actually be increased by as much as 30% by using descriptions like ‘roasted’, ‘baked’ or ‘pan-seared’.

This makes the food seem more appealing somehow and the same is true to an extent within the office furniture industry.

For instance, we have a section on our website called Executive office chairs.

Anybody with a sense of self importance would prefer a chair described as a ‘Manager Chair’ opposed to simply a ‘Computer Chair’.

Admittedly, these chairs tend to be better quality than standard computer chairs but the description is designed to depict a chair which is good quality, comfortable and primarily for those in positions of authority.

Now in a way this is nonsense because of course we don’t restrict the sale of our Manager Chairs only to those who can provide evidence of their power and status.

But hopefully you get the point I’m trying to make.

Executive Office Furniture

Red Glass Executive DesksThe same is true for the executive ranges on our website.

They are generally more expensive and higher quality products compared to our standard ranges.

Surprisingly though, even in the midst of a recession we get many enquiries specifically for our executive ranges.

While the word ‘executive’ doesn’t really mean very much in itself, there is clearly a perception that executive office furniture will exude quality and style and our clients are prepared to pay a little more for the privilege of owning furniture described as ‘executive’.

Executive Desks

Executive Office FurnitureOur executive desk ranges start from 220 and are available in wood, glass or a combination of both.

There are various shapes, styles, leg & cable management options to choose from.

Glass desks come in clear or frosted glass and numerous colours including blue, red, black, moka, white and even curry coloured!

Wood desks come in different MFC and wood veneers including oak, walnut and wenge.

Matching storage is also available for some ranges.

Executive Leather Chairs

Whist Executive Leather Office ChairOur faux leather chairs start from just 39 including delivery and assembly to most UK areas.

Realexecutive leather chairsstart from 79 and come in either cream, brown or black bonded leather.

Most of our executive office chairs have deep foam cushioning for maximum support and comfort. There will also generally be a gas lift height adjustment and reclining function with tilt tension control.

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