ipsaBack in September we brought you the news that government was in trouble after buying around 23,000 new chairs for just one department, and now it seems they have done it again. The Daily Mail has reported that The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has spent a reported 293,000 on office furniture.

The IPSA, who are responsible for watching the government’s spending, have moved in the Portland House and spent so much they are now reportedly being watched by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee. The overall spend works out as 4,300 per each member of staff, maybe they didn’t shop around for the best deal? Overall the start-up cost of the Portland Building has been estimated at 6 million, all of which is paid for by the tax payer.

The IPSA has claimed their spending was a natural result of moving office and the purchases were made through approved government suppliers, we wish they had come to us, we could have done it cheaper!