Imperial Sirius D End Boardroom TableSo youve got a beautiful office. Youve kitted it out with all the latest furniture, youve got smart chairs, super tables, state-of-the-art computers, water coolers and printers. Youve also got a beautifully-clean office floor

But have you thought about the damage that these things can do? Probably not.

Your employees will be in your office for a good 8 hours a day. Over time your floor can get damaged through general wear and tear. People will spill things accidentally, theyll traipse mud across your carpets. Chairs will be rolled about, tables will be moved, printers will need replacing with ink

With that in mind, our friends at Flooring Supplies have come up with five ways you can protect your office floors helping extend the life of your office furniture and keep your working environment a smart and productive place to work.

#1 Chair slides or casters

Your office chairs will get the greatest amount of use. As such, they are probably the main culprits for causing the most amount of damage to an office floor. Theyll be sat on, moved about and ridden across the office as people slide across to speak to colleagues. However, you can minimise the damage to your office floor by equipping them with slides or casters.

If your office chairs dont have wheels, then think about chair slides. They can be easily attached to the bottom of your chairs and are available in a range of different sizes, capacities and weights. Casters are another way of preventing damage mini wheels which can be screwed onto your chair legs which help stop your carpets being ripped or wooden floors scratched.

#2 Chair mats

Given the fact that office chairs are a big damage causer, you could also think about buying some chair mats. These are made from pliable rubber or plastic materials which are designed to grip carpets or deflect against a hard surface when under pressure.

If you have carpets in your office, a chair mat will disperse the weight evenly, and this prevents grooves and indentations from forming in the pile. It also increases the chairs freedom of movement and removes direct contact with the fibre. If you have a hard wooden floor, a chair mat will grip the floor while the chair is motion and prevent slippage. But the best part is that most mats are easily cleaned, and you can replace them easily as soon as they start wearing out.

#3 Water drips

Most offices nowadays have a water cooler somewhere in the office. While they can be a popular place for office chat, they can also be a real killer of the floor on which they are based. Constant refills all day lead to spills its only natural given how much they are used. Water build-up particularly on carpets, will lead to long-term damage. If you have a wooden floor theyre also a real Health and Safety Hazard.

You can help prevent water damage to your floor by investing in a water cooler mat. These are bespoke, shaped mat specially created to fit around any water cooler or similar appliance, providing protection for the floor where liquid spills are frequent, causing slip injury or costly repairs. The mat gives employers peace of mind that they have done all they can to minimise the risk of a slip injury.

#4 Ink spills

Your printer probably gets lots of use and youre always having to re-stock your ink supplies. Yet while you may consider your printer a reliable friend, it can be a floors worst enemy.

Accidents can happen, and when it comes to changing cartridges ink can sometimes splatter onto a floor. Ink stains, if not tackled immediately, can cause an unsightly blot in your office making it look dirty and unprofessional particularly if your printer is in view of visitors.

Getting the right cleaning products is therefore essential. Buy a few bottles of specialist carpet spot spray and dont overlook the importance of a good mop if youve got wooden floors!

#5 Entrance mat

Finally, we think you shouldnt overlook the importance of a good, solid, entrance mat. Your floors take a real punishment when its wet and cold outside. On a rainy day people are more likely to traipse mud across your carpets, when it snows youll have piles of it defrosting not to mention the damage caused by stones stuck in peoples soles.

When choosing an entrance mat, think about the amount of visitors to your offices. For smaller offices with few visitors, a mat for light foot traffic areas would be suitable, however for larger busier offices with more staff and visitors a mat for heavy foot traffic would be more suitable and certainly provide muck longer service.

So there you have it. Five simple, cost-effective ways of extending the life of your office floor. By protecting your floor by putting in place these measures youll not only keep your office in tip-top condition, you will save money in the long-run!