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Unbelievable, staggering, remarkable, awesome. These are just some of the superlatives that have been applied to the truly stunning and unique ‘Bugatti Inspired’ desk that has been created by Alan Sawyer and his dedicated team at Luzzo Bespoke. I’ve been in the office furniture industry for more years than I care to remember (!!) and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it.

Luzzo Bespoke is a specialist company responsible for manufacturing bespoke furniture and lifestyle products for the discerning purchaser. A neighbour of Luzzo MD Alan Sawyer has a pristine Bugatti Type 37 racing car. This stunning piece of ‘automotive art’ became the inspiration for this piece of furniture that has taken the office desk into hitherto uncharted territory.

The design and construction teams were insistent that the aesthetics and mechanics of the desk should accurately reflect the iconic design of the Type 35, 37 and 59 racing cars created by the great Ettore Bugatti in the 1930’s. To this end, the desk is coloured French Racing Blue, the drawer fronts incorporate the honeycombe effect present on the grills of the cars, the desk height adjustment is by way of driven gears that are magnified versions of the carburettor synchronisation quadrants from the Type 59 car and the leather inset top uses the same kind of grained leather that was used for the straps that held the bonnets of the racing cars closed!!

Bugatti Type 37 Racing Car

The desk is even constructed in a similar way to a car. The ‘bodywork’ is formed from aircraft grade sheet aluminium sheet which id then set on a ‘chassis’ of machined aluminium. Each desk consists of an astonishing 350 bespoke components that take 2000 hours to create. Only 10 of these fabulous desks will be built. Each will be individually numbered and have its own log book recording the build team, materials, colour and finishing processes.

The one concession to the high tech digital world in which we live is the inclusion of an Apple Mac that rises from inside the desk, through the desk top. True to form, however, the Luzzo team could not find an off the shelf solution for the computer deployment that met their quality criteria so they designed and built a mechanism themselves in a 1930s sympathetic style from a combination of rods, joints, bushes and springs.

There are many fantastic desks on the market and here at BT Office Furniture we are able to advise you on a huge range of them. From the ‘Goggle’ currently wowing viewers on the Jonathan Ross show to those made from hand laid wood veneers or various colours of glass. None, however, we feel will ever match the complexity (350 components!!), the sheer audacity of the idea (its based on 1930s racing cars!!) or the staggering price (a frankly dizzying 155,000.00!!) of this most magnificent piece of furniture.

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Goggle desk

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Office Desk Wood Veneer

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