That’s right according to a recent article in the Daily Mail when it comes to decorating; forget black, white and pastels. When you think office furniture – think stylish silver, metal, slate and stone, grey is this season’s hottest colour.

We might be bored of the dull grey skies associated with our cold winter seasons, but if you want your office to ooze modernism and be catwalk cool, you should turn your back on black and embrace the grey!

Grey gives a calm, clean, professional feel to any room, whilst retaining a coolness that makes it modern. The human eye can distinguish 500 shades of grey, so it need never be boring.

Some Grey Facts:
• Grey is used primarily in areas that use UK English whilst Gray is used primarily in areas that use US English
• Grey can mix well with any colour – making it a great neutral choice
• Grey is a longstanding favourite suit colour

If you don’t want a complete redesign, why not add a touch of your grey to your office and invest in some funky grey office furniture?

BT office has some eye catching grey office chairs and office desks that will help you add a touch of grey to your office.