BT Office Furniture offers a modern, clean and crisp range of brilliant white office desks, chairs and office furniture. Architects and designers have consistently told us that our working environment makes a huge difference, not only to the way clients perceive our business, but also to the way our employees feel. As well as providing a modern, minimalistic and professional look to your clients, it also allows your team the space to think and nurture inspiration.

With white being the most neutral background colour, it gives the impression of clarity and cleanliness, letting your company’s work speak for itself. Businesses all over the country are creating outstanding office interiors in order to portray the right image, with market giants such as Goldman Sachs installing restaurants and gyms in their basements and Lehman Brothers filling their offices with indoor grass and wood.

The Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy has published on-going studies on “Embodied Cognition”, the theory dedicated toresearching how a person’s surroundings can have a negative or positive effect on their mood, so maybe now is the time to create the perfect environment for your business.

A recent study reported in The Huffington Post saw a group of office workers arrive at work to find their walls painted red. Initially productivity was raised, but by the afternoon the workers found themselves arguing with each other and feeling more tired at the end of the day.

By introducing White Office Furniture to your working environment and creating a clean and minimalist space, you can help the aesthetics of your office stand out clearly from the rest, whilst improving productivity within your workforce.