Business is on the up, green shoots and all that.  You should have moved last year but put everything on hold.  The problem still remains…more space is urgently required but you still want to be careful.

The cost of moving is horrendous, the legal fees, a bigger mortgage or higher rents and rates, and an increased rent deposit.  Inevitably the new workspace will require new office furniture and equipment, decorating and carpets plus of course massive disruption.  Then there is the change to everyone’s travel routines.   If the board wants to increase the stress levels not just for themselves but the whole company then start to plan the office move.

However, there is an alternative strategy that is definitely worth a go and if it works will give your company huge benefit; ask some experienced professionals to re-optimise your existing space.  Contact Leigh and Derek at BT Office, they are experts and can show you some fascinating case studies on office space optimisation.

If it works then you will only have to do the pleasant bit, i.e. decide on some great new office furniture.  With all the money you have saved by not moving, the company can afford to splash out on a great new image.  The project to “re-invent” the office should be both exciting and inclusive.  The changes should involve staff and will re-invigorate the working environment.  And we all know what that can mean… greater efficiency, more sales and most importantly, a happy work force.

About BT Office Furniture
BT Office Furniture is a national, privately owned company founded in 1994 which supplies and installs office furniture in the UK.  BT Office has concentrated on providing great value for money without compromise on quality and service. Their furniture portfolio includes executive ranges that cover both contemporary and classic designs. For orders and queries please call 0800 298 7033 or visit the website to find out more.

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