Interactive Tables

Multi Touch and Interactive Tables are essentially like giant iPads which have numerous sensors under the surface that allow the user to interact with the device.

Entry level multi touch tables may have as few as 20 or 30 touch points. But some more advanced interactive tables have over well over 1000 touch points plus multiple motion sensing cameras and infra red sensors that track your hand and finger movements.

This allows both individuals and groups to closely interact with the device. Really high end tables also have integrated advanced speaker systems such as Bose.

These next generation multi touch devices allow users to watch videos and presentations, play games and view promotions. Some tables even allow users to put their mobile on the surface and upload presentations to their phones.

Most of us find gadgets irresistible and these interactive tables are hugely engaging and entertaining compared to traditional displays and information points. After all, who hasn’t played around with an iPad or similar device and not been impressed by its capabilities?

As the technology improves and the prices come down, they areincreasingly making appearances at events, exhibitions and trade shows. Their mass appeal is being effectively used to promote products and educate end users. In addition, they can collect data & information about the user and provide access to brochures and guides.


Every year, manufacturers in the Clerkenwell area of London open up their showrooms for office furniture professionals.

Multi Touch TableOne of our suppliers, Frem have recently refurbished their showroom and will be showcasing one of these tables which you can see in this image.

Where are the legs?

What’s striking about this particular interactive table is that it appears to be floating in the air. But if you study it more closely, it almost looks as if they have cleverly camouflaged the legs to match the patterns on the floor surface.

Can you see what I mean?

Sadly we don’t stock these tables (yet!). However we do have a large number of modern office desk ranges, many of which have integrated cable management and various styling options.

View our huge office desk range here.