new-chairsLeading office furniture retailer BT Office has added two new stylish and comfortable additions to their already extensive range of office chairs. The Oxygen M and Plan M offer the best in luxury and looks, offering the user relaxation and ease.

The Oxygen M boasts a couble membrane mesh back in a variety of heights, ranging between medium and high. The strong yet supple mesh material supports whilst still remaining comfortable, maintaining the user’s posture and reliving strain on the back.

The Plan M office chair offers a chrome back support and tension adjustment to allow the chair to be altered to the user, maintaining the highest level of comfort. With the choice of back heights and arm rests the chair can be tailored to the user’s personal taste.

Sitting in the same chair for 8 hours can put immense pressure on the spine, neck, shoulders, wrists and arms. Making sure a chair supports key areas correctly can relieve aches and pains, enabling employees to carry out their jobs efficiently and in comfort. Stylish and comfortable chairs can also give a good impression to prospective clients who enter the building, improving their first impressions of the business.

Derek Flood, Managing Director of BT office says, “Maintaining a good posture whilst sitting all day can be a struggle whilst a bad posture can do serious damage to your back, neck, shoulders and arms. A comfortable chair that supports the right areas can relieve a lot of the pressure on parts of the body that take the strain. Having a comfortable and functional chair shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, the Plan M and Oxygen M offer both comfort and style to our customers”.
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