Leading office furniture retailer BT Office has unveiled the newest additions to its already vast reception furniture range. The two new additions offer a modern and professional first impression to any business, combining affordability and style. The new additions are available in either silver or mirrored finish, or in various wood finishes, allowing them to complement any business or existing office decor.

Many factors can contribute to the first impression a business gives when greeting clients, including well turned out staff, a tidy office or an inviting and professional reception area. The reception area is one of the first things prospective clients see when they enter a business and it is therefore responsible for that first and most enduring impression. BT Office’s new additions promise to enhance those first impressions by giving businesses a smart and professional face.

A well-presented reception, highlighting your businesses morals and ideas can not only show every client what the business is about, but it can also give workers an inviting business of which they can be proud. When staff are proud of their workplace and enjoy going there every day, productivity will increase, as will moral, in the office.

BT Office’s new reception range offers high quality, welcoming and professional front to any business. With a wide variety of reception desks to match any existing furniture the reception can lead nicely to boardrooms or offices. Matching reception furniture to the office furniture gives a professional appearance and the impression of care.

View BT Office full range of reception desks here.