Leading office furniture retailer BT Office has unveiled its new range of reception seating, adding to their already extensive range of office chairs, desks and furniture. Not limited to just the reception area, this beautiful range of stylish and comfortable seating can be used in a relaxation environment for staff or for casual meetings.

BT Office understand the need to have a professional and fashionable front to any business, which is why they have increased their sofa and armchair range to allow greater choice and variety. New items to the range include sleek leather-look sofas and matching arm chairs, plus linking benches that can be assembled in a variety of combinations. The reception is the first place to be seen and experienced by clients and employees alike. By encapsulating a businesss ethos and approach within the dcor, visitors can instantly gain a feel for the company.

Also, allowing staff a cosy space to relax during breaks can improve productivity by giving workers a

n alternative to their desks. Providing a space where staff can relax or hold casual meetings with one another can allow the opportunity for a sharing of ideas and project development.

Derek Flood, Managing Director of BT Office has said, Presenting a professional front to your company can welcome new business and employees into your firm. It can be very difficult to change those impressions once they are made, so it is important to get them right. He also commented on the need to offer staff an alternative to their desks, Sitting in one place all day can cause staff to feel lethargic, whereas adding an additional area where employees are encouraged to take time out and relax can boost productivity when they are at their desks.

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