Office Furniture A-Z

Office FurnitureGet to know your business or industry with an A-Z Guide.

Whatever industry you work in, you will probably find that compiling an A-Z guide helps you to focus on your business and understand it more fully. It’s a useful exercise because you have to really think hard about your core business to find a relative term for each letter of the alphabet.

For some letters, a related product or service will be instantly apparent, but for others you need to dig much deeper. Admittedly some of the letter associations below are tenuous at best but this is all part of the fun!

Try it yourself. It could keep you occupied for hours, particularly if you spend long periods in your car or find yourself bored at work for instance.

A – Artifical Plants. No office is complete without a selection of realistic artificial plants to create a relaxed and calm environment. Although real plants are preferable, nobody really wants to have to constantly water and maintain them do they?

BBT Office Furniture (of course!). Also Bar Stools. Yes we stock bar stools too! (Think office canteens, staff rooms, bistros and cafes as well as the obvious)

C– Cheap Office Furniture (can I get away with that?)

D– Discount Office Furniture (that’s pushing it too!)

EErgonomic Office Chair. A chair that has been specifically designed for comfort and support, especially for the back and neck.

F– Flat Pack. This is something we definitely DON’T do! Our prices include free delivery, assembly and installation throughout most of the UK

GGlass Office Desks. Although more expensive than their wood cousins, glass desks look ultra-chic and modern and help offices exude class and quality.

H– Herman Miller. The great office furniture designer and creator of the Action office system (1968), the worlds first open-plan modular system of panels (think office cubicles!)

I– iPad (3?). OK not strictly office furniture, but every office worker should have access to one of these regardless of business type or industry. It’s a beautifully designed and high-spec device (I am not in away affiliated to or associated with Apple by the way – I just love the iPad and I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t).

J– Jack and Jill Tub Chairs. Phew! I struggled with this one, but it serves to prove the usefulness of this exercise because I had to thoroughly research our products until I found these. I wasn’t even aware we supplied them.

K– Kassini range of office desks by Elite.

L– Lumbar Support. This is a curved area of an ergonomically designed office chair that helps to support your lower spine. It can usually be adjusted to suit your body shape.

MMetal Storage. The bisley metal storage range includes filing cabinets, drawers, shelving, cupboards, lockers, and inner space storage units on wheels.

NNile four leg Stacking Chair. Available with or without arms.

O– This should be easy! Office Furniture, Office Desks, Office Chairs, Office Tables, Office Storage, Office Screens

P– Partitions. Office partitioning can be used to create a room within a room or to divide up open areas into independent units. These could include meeting rooms, individual offices or even a staff kitchen.

Q– Qudos range. The Imperial Qudos range of executive office desks incorporates a cantilever system and comes in a huge variety of different finishes.

R– Radial Desks. This type of office desk can usually be combined with other radial desks to create a larger working area and to seat more employees where space may be limited.

S– Seat Height Adjustment / Seat Depth Adjustment. These are standard features on most office chairs, in particular ergonomic chairs.

T– Theatre Seating or Theatre Furniture. Yes believe it or not, although we are an office furniture company, we also supply furniture for theatres.

U– UKs leading Office Furniture Supplier. Who could it be? BT Office of course (sorry, I couldn’t think of anything better beginning with ‘U’)

V– Vital range of bench desks.

W– Waterloo Road (BBC 1). BT Office Group is proud to supply this series based in a comprehensive school with their furniture.

X– Xecutive leather chair…can I get away with that? OK perhaps not.

Y– YouTube. Yes we have a YouTube channel featuring some fantastic office furniture renders created by our resident 3D modeller and our promotional video. Find us at

Z– zzz (sleeping in your office chair while your boss is out on a business meeting J )