Office Furniture For The Future

Futuristic Office Desk

Volna Office Desk

Volna Office Desk

Nuvist, a Turkish architecture and design company have designed this incredible free-flowing, continuous form, floor mounted table.

This visually stunning office desk is a glimpse of what the office of the future might look like – free from the rigid constraints of traditional design.

This table would in my opinion look even better without the computer perched on top. Take a look at the next gadget and you’ll understand how this might soon be possible.

Can You Guess What This Is?

Your initial thoughts might be that it is some kind of spy pen, maybe there’s a camera hidden inside or some other kind of recording device.

In fact, it’s a PC.

Not only is it tiny, but it also has the capacity to store huge amounts of data (terabytes), and features 2 holographic projectors.

The first projects the equivalent of your computer screen onto a flat surface (such as a wall), while the other displays a holographic representation of a keyboard onto your office desk. Take a look at this video to see this amazing piece of future technology in action.

Integrated Office Desktop Technology

Companies like in integrating desktop technology into office furnitureusing their own patented remote controlled systems.

The slim remote control unit can be installed into an office desk, pedestals and other bespoke office furniture items.

CPU Remote Control Unit

CPU Remote Control Unit – Click To Enlarge

The computer itself can be placed in a location up to 20m away from the remote control unit.



Office Desk

Office Desk With Built In Remote Control Unit

This unit is set into the office desk edge and duplicates all necessary PC controls. It includes a headphone output, mic input, USB points and an optical drive.

There are also companies out there who will actually build you a bespoke office desk with your computer hidden inside – which dispenses with the need for a remote control unit.

It is easy to imagine that in the near future, computer desks with the CPU inside will be commonplace.


The End Of The Office Computer?

Office ComputerIt is widely believed that the future of the office could be one where employees bring their own computers and devices.

Increasing numbers of people now have their own smart phones and tablets. It’s not hard to imagine a time in the not too distant future where workers are expected to provide their own devices which could be synced with both office and home networks.

Companies may cover some of the cost implications but actually if you think about it, working from home or remotely is becoming more and more common.

Personally, I have chosen to sync all my own devices and computers, so that I can pretty much work from anywhere with an Internet connection. I am certainly not alone in doing this and it kind of makes sense to have access to all your data whenever you need.

This is one of the reasons that free applications like Evernote are becoming so popular because they allow you to keep track of all your thoughts and ideas from any device that has it installed.

Following a recent Cisco survey, there is roughly a 50-50 split of companies that would allow BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) to those that would not. However, this balance is beginning to tip in favour of BYOD acceptance.

Of course inherent problems lie ahead for this new breed of office worker. For instance some companies may not provide IT support for both Apple and PC devices.

Additionally, there may be problems with viruses and malware infecting company and even home networks. These and other problems will need to be addressed before we truly sound the death knell for the office computer.