Office Furniture Pranks

1. Tinkering With An Office Chair

I’m not sure if this has been staged or not but the first of these 3 videos shows a prank played on a rather large guy’s office chair.


Urlesque Daily: Funny Office Prank

2. Office Desk Prank

This video shows how you can force your colleagues to make a liquid mess on their own office desk.

3. Office Screen Prank

A classic office cubicle stunt.

This one should get you laughing out loud. A guy phones his colleague and while he is distracted moves his office screen.

Very funny.

4. Office Full Of Junk

For this prank, you will need a cardboard box and a colleague with a window in their office door.

Your cardboard box will need to be slightly bigger than the window. Firstly, cut off one end and tape it to the window with the open end at the top.

Next, fill the box with junk. When your colleague looks through the window it will look like the entire office is full.

5. And Finally – A Very Funny Office Video