Office Furniture Reviews

Office Furniture Reviews

If I were to ask you what type of business you think Amazon is your response would probably be something like:

“An online business selling books, music, electronic goods and more”

In actual fact, you would be wrong.

Primarily, Amazon is a logistics company who have enormous warehouses full of products. Essentially, they are a transportation company who happen to have an online system for taking orders. The orders are then processed and the products are delivered via their vast logistics and transportation teams.

Indeed, the same is true for the mighty McDonalds. You would be forgiven for thinking that McDonalds is all about selling hamburgers. However, Ray Kroc the guy who purchased the company in 1961 off the McDonald brothers realised in 1956 that prime real estate was where the real money and future success of the company lay.

He set up the Franchise Realty Corporation which began buying up tracts of land enabling the corporation to act as landlord to new franchisees. So therefore it could be argued that McDonalds is actually a real estate company.

Why do I cite these examples?

Quite simply because not all office furniture companies are the same.

For example, some office furniture companies are actually more like logistics businesses. They process sales via an online ordering system and the details are then passed to a processing department who create a despatch note. They will then put the flat-packedoffice furnitureon to a van and deliver it.

The difference betweenBT Office Furnitureand some of these other companies that sell cheap office furniture online is that we are actually an office furniturecompany.

Not only do we have a showroom, but we also offer a full design, planning and installation service.

So when you are choosing yourbusiness office furniture, there are a number of things you need to consider:

  1. Do you require a bespoke 2D and 3D space planning service?
  2. Do you want your office furniture to be assembled?
  3. Do you want youroffice furnitureto be installed?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then you will probably want to avoid companies that are essentially logistics operators.

Office Furniture Reviews & Testimonials

Here are just a few of the office furniture reviews that we have received. They are all genuine and verifiable and copies can be obtained upon request.

…Just to let you know just had a glowing reference from Kate Miller at Selfridges…


…I received 2 chairs from you that I have ordered recently and would just like to thank you and the delivery guys for being so professional and helpful! I was out of the office yesterday on an inspection and when I returned there were the 2 chairs I had ordered, fully put together waiting by my desk! I was told the 2 lads who delivered the chairs, struggled up the stairs with them – this just shows the commitment and level of customer service so a massive thank you to the lads and yourselves at the office!


…Just had to send you a quick note regarding my experience with your company and in particular Nigel who I have dealt with. Of course the product and the price have to be right but I must say that Nigel is one of the most helpful and friendly people I have had the pleasure of dealing with and is a credit to you and your company. I run my own small family owned firm and know all too well how important customer service is and how our staff have to wow our clients. Nigel certainly did. So much so that had I found another website that offered a better product, I would have called Nigel back to see if I could buy it from BT. I really wanted the business to go to him and if I had found somewhere cheaper for the same product, I would have still placed my business with Nigel just for the experience. I look forward now to receiving the goods ordered and using your company again the next time I need more furniture.

More Testimonials

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