Office Furniture Feng Shui

Office Furniture Feng ShuiThe ancient Chinese art or science of Feng Shui dates back more than 3000 years.

Literally meaning ‘Wind’ ‘Water’, it is alleged that the positioning of furniture, ornaments, trinkets and paintings can directly affect the flow of energy in any given space.

Whether or not you actually believe that Feng Shui works, there can be no doubt that some of the principles have sound logical and practical elements that can affect your home and office environment.

Do you have a favourite public house or restaurant that you like to frequent? If the answer to this question is Yesthen you will probably have a preferred place that you like to sit. The same is no doubt true within your own home. The reason for this is that some seating positions just seem more favourable than others and are perceived to be more comfortable and auspicious.

This of course could simply be attributed to something as simple and obvious as a good view, provided by a window seat for instance. However on the flip side of this, if you sit with your back facing the room and cannot see what’s going on behind you, it is not likely to be your first choice of seating.

For this reason I’ve compiled this quick guide to help you position your office furniture according to Feng Shui. This list is by no means exhaustive, but is merely designed to provide an insight into the more obvious benefits of Feng Shui.

Office Desk and Office Chair Placement

Office Furniture Feng Shui Symbol

– Your office desk should be positioned so that you have a clear line of sight of your office door. This will help to protect you from betrayals. It also improves your general feeling of security because you will able to monitor those who enter or leave your office.

– Here are two of the more obvious benefits of Feng Shui but firstly, make sure that your office chair fully supports your back. Secondly, ensure you sit with the wall behind you. If you sit facing the wall you are more likely to encounter difficulties in obtaining promotion and other career path obstacles.

– If you don’t have overall control of your office environment or it is simply not possible to move your office desk, you can negate the problems associated with facing a wall by hanging a painting or picture of a beautiful landscape. This helps to create feelings of abundance and represents opportunity.

Office Desk– You should avoid sitting with your back to a window because doing so symbolizes a lack of support. From a modern perspective this is another obvious one. Although it is highly unlikely that the ancient Chinese had computer screens, sitting with a window directly behind you could potentially cause screen glare!

– Placing an image or figure of a rooster on your office desk will help to protect you from malicious gossip, backstabbing and other office politics.

– Put a smooth, round object such as a glass crystal or orb on your office desk to negate negative energy and ensure a productive and harmonious working environment.

– Avoid sitting directly opposite a work colleague. Doing so can create a damaging build-up of negative Chi energy and can potentially lead to confrontations and conflicts. If you have no other option other than to sit facing another person in your office, consider mounting an office screen. Don’t forget to hang your picture of a landscape on the office screen! (See point above re. facing a wall).

Office Storage

Office StorageClutter is considered to encourage the flow of negative energy in Feng Shui and should be avoided.

– The obvious way to eliminate clutter in your office is to use office storage to help keep your office organised.

– It’s especially important to keep your office desk organised and tidy. This helps you to improve your focus . Once again, this makes a lot of sense from a practical point of view because removing clutter ensures that you are more efficient and productive. It’s also great for increasing your personal sense of wellbeing and positivity.

– Strong colours play an important part in Feng Shui and red is considered to be particularly favourable as an aid to prosperity and wealth generation. Try to incorporate some red office storage as part of your office furniture re-organisation.

– A gap of about 8-inches should be left between your office cupboards,office bookshelves and other office storage. Again this is supposed to encourage a positive flow of energy in the workplace.

Office Meeting Seating Arrangements

Office Chairs– Here’s a great Feng Shui tip if you are conducting an office meeting. Ensure that the office chairs or sofas are arranged into a triangular shape which faces your own office chair or office desk. This subliminally strengthens your position in the room as a centre of power and allows you to more easily take control of the meeting or discussion. It also makes your colleages feel comfortable and at ease.

– An additional benefit of forming this triangle is that it ensures the other meeting participants are all angled slightly towards each other. This creates an ‘all-inclusive’ environment which stimulates the flow of positive energy in the room and aids creativity and brainstorming activities.

If you have any additional tips or Feng Shui advice, please feel free to comment and let us know.