Office Partitions

Office Partitions

Office partitioning and office screens can be used to create dynamic and flexible office rooms.

Some business owners find it hard to visualise how an open plan area can be turned into a productive and stylish working environment.

However, with the creative use of office partitions both fixed and moveable, it’s possible to have all the individual units you need without the expense and inconvenience of moving office or carrying out major building work.

These units may include a staff kitchen, meeting room, interview room, managerial suite or boardroom.

Office partitions, office screens and office dividers come in a range of materials including fabric, wood, glass, coloured glass, mirrored and frosted glass. They can also be linked together to better accommodate your size requirements.

Additionally some office partitioning can be fitted with castors so that they can be moved easily to other parts of the office as required. Moveable partitions are very useful if you can’t fix to the walls or floors in any way.

Please note that if you need to screen off a long straight run but are not able to fix your office partitions to the walls or floors, you will need plenty of supporting feet.

Office PartitioningDepending on the height of the screens you may also need small supporting screens located at 90 degree angles.

Some office partitions can also be fitted with acoustic ceiling panels to create a flexible room within a room. The frames on these partitions are usually made from 100% recycled aluminium and are available in straight or curved configurations. This further enhances your space design options.

Room dividers, office screens and office partitioning are generally available in different heights including some fixed floor to ceiling units.

In most cases, Partitioning will require a site survey or at least very details architectural plan to be provided in order to give and accurate cost.

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