Free Standing Office Pods

“create an acoustic room within a room in your office”

Rectangular Acoustic PodLeading UK supplier BT Office Furnitureare pleased to announce the arrival of their fabulous new range of free standing acoustic office pods.

This type of modular system is becoming increasingly popular in the modern day office environment.

They are easy to assemble, expandable and allow varying degrees of visual and acoustic privacy.

The pods come in a range of different sizes and shapes as outlined below.

Round End Rooms

These allow you to create different spaces including half round pods, circular pods, half round/half square rooms, lozenge shaped rooms, and presentation pods in various sizes.

Square End Rooms

Square and half square pod configurations also allow you to create rectangular and corner room units. These modular units can be expanded to suit practically every requirement.


Round, square and half square pods can be combined to make round end modules with party walls, square end modules with party walls or open sides and round rectangular end modules with party walls.

Size Indicator

As a general guideline, use the following dimensions as an indicator of typical usage.

  • 2200mm (Height) x 6000mm (Width) x 3000mm (Depth) rectangular pod will comfortably accommodate a boardroom table with 10 chairs
  • 2200mm (Height) x 3000mm (Diameter) circular pod will comfortably accommodate a meeting table with 4 chairs

Accessories & Optional Extras


Airea Rectangular Office PodOur Airea office pods come with the following as standard:

  • An acoustic ceiling
  • A service hoop including 3 x power sockets. Larger pods have more than one service hoop to provide power for all occupants. The service hoops have independent lighting and ventilation control
  • Automatic and scene setting control for lighting
  • Automatic and manual control for air circulation
  • Sliding/hinged door and combination of clear & fabric panels

A number of optional accessories are available including fans, intake cowls (to connect to existing 125mm duct size air con units), power & data modules, adjustable monitor arms and fixed monitor brackets.

A selection of manifestation strips are also available. These include dots & barcodes. These strips prevent people from inadvertently walking into clear panels or doors.

The coloured acrylic panels come in frosted, teal, mushroom, olive green, lime green, red, orange, amber, purple, royal blue and magenta.

Upholstery comes from the Lucia or Xtreme Plus Camira ranges.

Doors are available in frosted, clear or coloured acrylic.

Acoustic performance can be maximised by placing the pods on a carpeted surface.

The Airea range also includes phone booths (with or without doors) and optional cove interior architecture which allows you to install straight and curved screens within your pod in addition to power/data modules, shelving, desks and workstations.

We have a full range of office screens here.

Era Q.S Free Standing Acoustic Pods

ERA Part Glazed Circular Acoustic PodThe Era Q.S range comes with a choice of white or silver frames and the following as standard:

  • White acoustic ceiling tiles with DB rating of 38db as standard
  • Halogen fixed 12V white downlights
  • Integral sliding glass door
  • All fixing brackets

The panels are 30mm thick and are housed within aluminium posts and cross rails.

Era Square Pods

The square pods are available in 2200mm (Height) x 3000mm (Width & Depth) or 2200mm (Height) x 4000mm (Width & Depth). They can come part glazed or full glazed and with the following optional extras:

  • Electric 2.2m post with 2 x power & 2 x data points
  • Air circulation unit

Various panel colours include amber, royal blue, red, purple, orange, olive, mushroom, magenta, lime, frosted and teal.

Era Rectangular Pods

The rectangular pods are 2200mm (Height) x 6000mm (Width) x 3000mm (Depth). This is large enough for a boardroom table and 10 chairs. Pods can be fully glazed or part glazed. Optional extras include electric 2.2m posts with 2 x power & 2 x data points and air circulation units.

Era Circular Pods

The circular pods are 2200mm (Height) x 3000mm (Diameter). This is large enough to comfortable accommodate a round meeting table with 4 chairs. Round pods can be fully glazed or part glazed. Optional include air con units and 2200mm posts with 2 x electric power and 2 x data points.

Lozenge shaped pods are also available which comprise a square pod and 2 semi-circular pods (one on each end). These are large enough to fit a boardroom table with 10 chairs.

The Benefits of Acoustic Office Pods

A pod can be completed within 1 working day in most cases. Occasionally it can take up to 3 days depending on the size, specification, site location and conditions.

  • 5 year guarantee on many products
  • Because it is classed as furnishing and not fitting, an office pod can be written off against your UK tax liability
  • Planning permission is not required
  • Fire risk assessment is not required
  • If the property is owned by a third party, the landlord’s permission is not required
  • It is a self-supporting structure so there is no need to fix to walls and pillars etc.
  • It’s a clean build

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