workstation desks & storageEvery office is different the space available is different, the procedures different, the products of admin work different. Efficiency is key to the operation of all offices as the less time you need to spend looking for important items, or retrieving files, or waiting for workspace, the more time you have to spend in more profitable areas of your business. Time is money after all!

For an office with the luxury of space, efficiency is easy. Theres plenty of space to move around and fit people in, and to have oodles of storage to keep pesky files in their place. However, with rising rents, particularly in popular city centres, office space is shrinking.

For smaller office spaces, organisation is especially important to avoid your employees feeling cramped, and to save time looking for items which have been put somewhere unsuitable through lack of storage options.

Think skyward!

Take a look at your walls. Are you using all the space that is available? Do you have space towards the ceiling where you could store lesser used items? Built-in wall storage is great for using all the space available and will save a bit on dusting compared to open shelving. Doors visually close off files and clutter and make the office look tidier important if your office space doubles as a client meeting area.

Have a clear out

Take time to regularly review what you need to store. Financial records need to be kept for seven years, but with the rise of paperless offices, do you really need to keep more than a years worth of estimates or job sheets? Once a year at least, take everything out of the cupboards and only put back in things that youve used recently. Anything else you should consider getting rid of or storing in alternative places just in case.

Office equipment

Can you reduce the amount of equipment you need? Think about having workers share computer printers, or use an all-in-one printer/copier/fax machine to reduce your machines from three to one! If you require machinery for operations such binding or laminating choose a slimline machine or have an area dedicated to this to allow people to work in comfort. Binding paperwork into books by date or client is a very tidy way of storing files for future reference.

People management

Think about the people who work in your office and your office operations do you need everyone in at all times? If you are able to let some employees work from home some of the time, and have more of a shift system, you can implement a hot-desking method and reduce the number of desks and computers you need on a daily basis, giving you more elbow room. With the rise of cloud computing, its possible to have your employees work from wherever they want whenever they want without being restricted to office hours and location. If you dont need them to specifically be at the office during office hours, then introducing flexibility to your staff will mean you dont have to provide as much space for them, and will increase employee satisfaction too!

Optimising the space in your office to suit your needs is straightforward but is often overlooked. Taking time out to think about how to get organised may not always seem possible, but investing some resources in making operations more efficient will be worth it in the end.