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DO More From Less

BT Office furniture are thrilled to announce the arrival of what in our opinion is one of the best task chairs we’ve seen to date.

South Wales office seating manufacturer Orangebox have created ergonomic and stylish chairs which is also kinder on the environment than most other office chairs.

By combining their expertise, creative spirit and focus on fewer ‘manufacturing miles’ (carbon footprint), they have successfully created a stunning addition to their range.

The end result is a product that is lightweight, durable and tremendously eyecatching.

Eco-Friendly, Ergonomic Design

Orangebox clearly take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously. This is often difficult to achieve and certainly challenging because quality and style can sometimes be compromised when using recycled or recyclable materials.

Often, recycled office furniture is less durable than products made from ‘virgin’ materials. But Orangebox have successfully managed to produce an extraordinarily comfortable task chair with very few components. A task chair is one that is generally suitable for heavy use and tends to be more comfortable than its computer chair counterpart.

Orangebox DO Task Chair

From an environmental perspective, the DO contains around 35% recycled steel and 95% recycled aluminium.

Also, around 45% of all the chair’s components come from within 10 miles of the Orangebox factory and 90% from mainland Europe. This of course all contributes to the chair’s eco credentials.

Most chair and seating manufacturers do not label recyclable parts of their products. However, Orangebox take a different approach and place material identifiers on their chairs. This makes it much easier to figure out what components can be recycled when the chair is disassembled.Although this seems kind of obvious, most chair and seating manufacturers do not adopt this approach.

Furthermore, they also offer a comprehensive recycling service, which is testament to their environmental approach to manufacturing.

1 Person, 1 Allen Key = 2 Minute Assembly!

Component PartsOne of the best features of this chair is it’s minimalist design which comprises of just a few components.

Multiple levers and knobs have also largely been dispensed with. Instead, a simple system has been employed which makes adjusting the chair a breeze.

This makes assembly a cinch and on average it will take 1 person around 2 minutes to assemble, with an allen key the only tool required.

Of course, if you prefer to have your chair assembled by us, we will deliver and build it for you at no extra cost.

Unique Weight Adjustment Mechanism

The DO is also incredibly useful in working environments where more than one person is likely to use the chair. The unique weight balancing feature allows different users to sit in the chair comfortable without having to make any alterations to the support settings.

The lumbar pad which helps to support your back has 100mm height adjustment and this comes as standard.


This is an absolutely fantastic task chair that looks great, comes in a whole range of colours and is also excellent value for money.

You can also rest easy at night safe in the knowledge that you are contributing towards a more environmentally friendly future.