Hair Provides Growth For The Economy

Woman under hair dryerDespite the current recession and gloomy economic climate, there is one area of the economy that is experiencing growth.

Research shows that even in these times of austerity, women do not appear to be cutting back on a regular visit to their local salon.

The average bill for haircuts, colouring and manicures is around 752 per annum. The industry itself has an annual turnover of 6 billion pounds and employs over 250,000 people.

It’s estimated that at least 11,000 new jobs will be created in this sector before the end of 2012. This is remarkable when compared to other industries. Manufacturing for instance is experiencing a dramatic fall in output and severe job cuts in some areas such as car production.

Another factor that is helping to boost the number of new salons opening is the rise in popularity of male grooming. Yes, even us men are now succumbing to media representations of the perfect male look.

Consequently, more and more men are visiting salons for massages, skin treatments and of course stylish, modern haircuts.

As all good businesses should, we have been conducting some research on growth industries in order to discover new areas to focus on.

Salon furniture is not something we had ever really considered before. However, following a number of enquiries we realised that our office reception furniture ranges are ideal for any new or existing salon reception area.

We have hundreds of salon furniture products on our website including reception desks, reception seating, coffee tables and artificial plants.

Salon Reception Desks

Salon owners will be pleased to know that our less expensive reception desks are generally the most popular. This is because they tend to be smaller and not as ostentatious as some of our higher end products.

As a starting point, we recommend our BT08 and BT14 desks (see images below).

Signs and logos can be added if required on many of our products. Additionally, for salons that wish to exude a more expensive, high-end appearance, some of our reception desks have integrated lighting and other features such as mirror finishes and glass shelves on claw feet stands.

Salon Reception Seating

Recommending seating for salon reception areas is not an easy thing to do because each salon owner will have their own ideas on branding, seating type, colour and finish. Reception area dimensions will also largely dictate the type of chairs you choose.

Our reception seating ranges include chairs, sofas, tub chairs, modular seating, stools, beam seating and leather seating.


Coffee Tables

Of course, no salon is complete without the obligatory coffee table, covered with several layers of glossy magazines (leaving barely any room for coffee cups!)

If you’re looking for something fresh and modern looking then you will probably want a glass or perspex coffee table. Our glass tables are made from safety glass and conform to current UK safety standards.

We also have a fantastic range of wood coffee tables for those of you that prefer a softer look. And for the more adventurous, we even have a selection of upholstered coffee tables.


Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant in PotAnd finally…to finish off your salon reception area, you may want to include some plants.

The advantages of artificial plantscompared to real ones are obvious.

When you’re running a busy salon you will probably want plants that need little or no maintenance and can be placed anywhere, including spaces where there is minimal natural light.

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