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It’s amazing the difference artwork can make to the ambience of a room space.

Have you ever found yourself drawn towards a particular picture or painting? Perhaps you found it peculiarly fascinating and it captured your imagination in some way.

Or maybe you simply found it curious or beautiful. Whatever the reason, the point is that it provoked an emotional response in you, and this can be used to your advantage from a business perspective.

Artwork can be subtle so that it blends in with the surroundings or it can be bright, striking and ostentatious to instantly catch the eye. Increasingly, businesses and leisure venues are using bespoke artwork to impress clients and to create fabulous working environments for their employees and business associates.

Another emerging trend is for companies to enhance their office spaces to make them more like home offices. The days of clinical, sanitised office environments with rows of cubicles crammed full of employees who barely have room to move are rapidly disappearing.

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Fantastic and beautifully conceived artwork will undoubtedly create a stronger, modern and vibrant brand for your company. This in turn will help to promote your business to prospective clients.

Its well known that colour and positioning of furniture and objects in a room can make an enormous difference to the welfare and general state of mind for its occupants. Some even believe that it helps to channel positive energy flow (feng shui), lift moods and be hugely beneficial in terms of wealth, health and personal success.

Subtle art is a bit like having background music playing quietly in a restaurant. It makes a huge difference to people’s moods and the way they interact.

You’ve probably been in environments where the silence is almost deafening and people talk in hushed tones for fear of being overheard. Artwork can have a similar effect to music and it’s striking how powerful the impact can be on the atmosphere of your working environment.

Weve recently teamed up with South West Artwork who can create a personalised bespoke artwork service which includes wall murals, paintings, photography, sculptures and other imagery.

SWA was established in 2006 by Laura Mulhern. Laura has worked in marketing, art curation and promotion for many years – she also likes Jaffa Cakes…so clearly a girl with taste! 🙂

SWAs work is currently showcased at B+B Weymouth and recent clients include London-based companies.

They now have over 30 artists on their books including Bristol artist Bungle (see below).

Mindshare Offices – London

Bristol based stencil artist Bungle paints Quentin Tarantino and Alfred Hitchcock.

Incredible stencil art paintings of Hitchcock and Tarantino at the Mindshare Offices in London.

The brief was simply to paint 2 inspirational film directors.