space_saving_desksBT Office Furniture announces new range of space saving office desks that promise to save you money without compromising employee productivity or moral.

When space is an issue, furnishing an office can be a nightmare. To make life easier BT Office has revealed their new range of space saving bench desks. Bench desks allow space within an office to be used constructively yet still allows staff to communicate efficiently. With seating available on each side of the desk, staff can communicate yet are still able to work in peace due to well positioned privacy glass. Bench desks offer a team the opportunity to work both together and separately with ease.

In this delicate time of financial uncertainty, getting the most from your money is paramount for many businesses. This range of functional and competitively priced bench desks offers businesses great functionality without compromising on style.

Once more, knowing that offices come in all shapes and sizes, the clever selection of bench desks from BT Office Furniture mean you can accommodate as little or as many people as needed. The beauty of bench desks is that they offer the opportunity to be adapted and altered to fit the space available and the number of staff.

Derek Flood, Managing Director of BT Office says, ‘The new additions to our desk range have offered even greater choice to our customers. As well as offering exceptional layout flexibility, our newest bench desks are durable and affordable, available in a range of colours, they can easily complement existing office decor’.