The main office was previously located next door to the Covent Garden Club – but due to the refurbishment and new use of the building, the office had to be relocated. The decision was made to relocate to the basement of the Soho Club and as the opportunity had arose, to now create a more efficient and also visually striking office.

The two main problems with the new location were the lack of natural light (being in the basement!) and also the confines of the usable space.

Using a 3D photorealistic design package, the BT Office Group produced visuals of the offices, which helped the client to visualize the space easier and to make crucial design decisions at a very early stage.

The office furniture specified for the offices had black glass desk tops with cable managed chrome frames. The office chairs specified were of a very high quality and were upholstered in either black or lime green leather, to provide a striking look. The office partitions (by others) were clear glass with frosted manifestations in a unique design. Along with high quality lighting, the glass partitions give the space a sense of openness, whilst still providing privacy and creating separate offices. The black glass desktops reflect a great deal of the light back into the space, and the frames of the desks are open to all sides, adding to the overall open effect.

The storage specified was System File by Bisley in a white finish to blend in with the finish of the outer basement walls. Various units were specified to each office dependent on the occupant’s requirements.

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A lasting partnership has now been formed between the two companies with further orders being placed and projects undertaken.