The rise in mobile communications and the 21st century paradigm of being able to do ‘everything on one computer’ means that less people are working in paper cluttered offices – bureaucracy is becoming a thing of the past. In today’s organisations employees rarely require more than an office desk, an office chair and a computer to do their work.

In a recent article in the Independent , journalist Roger Trapp makes some interesting insights regarding how advancements in ICT are revolutionising today’s office designs and office furniture choices. The result of this trend being that work spaces are becoming increasingly minimalistic and open plan.

However although the futuristic trend may be great for a new generation of younger workers who are comfortable in such settings, it is not so great for manufacturers and sellers of traditional office furniture.

Trapp reports that many office furniture manufacturers are trying to overcome the problem by working clodely with design agencies to make sure their furniture ranges continue to be on trend to drive sales.

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