Ever thought of brightening up your office with a slide? Or perhaps a fairground carousel? Nobody would do that you say, that would be a ridiculous! Well, think again…


Every office guide worth its salt includes Google’s headquarters, or Googleplex if you will. They have mastered the art of ludicrous workspaces. Along with the rule that no employee is allowed to be more than 100 meters away from food at any time, they have slides, water lounges, massage chairs, igloos and dogs. I honestly don’t know how anyone gets any work done.

White Mountain Office

Part ‘Thunderbirds’ part ‘Armageddon’, this disused atomic shelter is now the headquarters for the Swedish International Development Co-operation. Burrowed 100 feet below Stockholm and the home to many internet-providing oompa-loompas, it looks like a 1960s sci-fi set. The heating bill must be through the roof.

Bastard Store and Office

If you asked a teenage boy to design an office this is what he would create. A triple level building, the first being the store, the second being the office and the third being the internally essential skate park. No doubt full of cool people selling cool things and doing cool things, this is the office every male adolescent mind dreams of.

Red Bull London

Like a cross between an iPod and a futuristic dentist, this office ironically looks like it was designed by someone who had drunk to much Red Bull. With its sleek stainless steel interior, carbon slide and floating staircase it screams high energy, adrenalin and all things extreme.


Giant lamps and WallEs litter the gardens and the studios look like cosy garden sheds, but what did you expect?In addition to the swimming pool, gym, café and lounge, it also houses a video games arcade, fairy lights and Pixar characters hanging around everywhere.I’d like to work here please.

Ann Demeulemeester, Seoul

The home of the Belgian designer, this building is just lovely. Consisting of grass walls both inside and out, it could blend in beautifully to rolling hills and countryside.It’s a shame that it is in the middle of a busy street in the middle of Seoul.

Disney Store Headquarters

Entering below a massive pair of Mickey Mouse ears, there is no question that you have entered Disney country. Full of bright colours and soft corners it is the perfect place to release your inner child. You can build walls from building blocks or climb through the gigantic honey comb, there is probably a tantrum corner too!


It jumps out of Portugal’s horizon looking like a monster waiting to scare you; it does in this picture at least. The big glowing Vodafone sign look like an all-seeing cycloptic eye, peering down on those who dare to enter. The inside on the other hand, although still heartbreakingly minimalist, is a cheerier place with the odd splash of colour here and the odd lamp there it could almost look homely. Almost.

Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou Office

Forget minimalism! That was so last year.What workers really want is a punch in the face every morning from a fake fairground. This office is literally full of stuff; golden gallopers, human-sized toy soldiers and a shed load of lights. It was based on the theme ‘Carnival of Ideas’, which I think explains it all.

Selgas Cano Architecture

Nestled in amongst the leaves and trees is the offices of Selgas Cano Architecture. Part underground with skylights and part ground level with glass walls, this office brings its workers back to nature. It’s making me feel relaxed just looking at it.